Elderly Togliatti woman 'saw through' the fraudster and handed him over to the police

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The arriving law enforcement officers waited, along with the potential victim, when they would call him and ask him to come out with the money. It turned out that the taxi driver who came to the house had to take the parcel and leave it there. Bring to the specified address. As a result, the suspect was arrested while taking money from a taxi driver.

Earlier the Radio Sputnik reported that an unemployed Togliatti woman had transferred owed nearly half a million rubles to crooks.

A old woman Togliatti

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In the suburbs, an acquaintance stole a laptop from a girl

girls laptop

Moscow region police arrested a Podolsk resident on suspicion of stealing a laptop, according to the online edition “Podmoskovye Segodnya”.

With a statement at the place of assignment the 20-year-old master of technology addressed herself. She suggested that the kidnapper might be an acquaintance who had the keys to her apartment. The girl estimated the laptop at 14,000 rubles.

As a result, the police found and detained a 34-year-old man who had already been convicted, and a criminal case was opened against him. He managed to deliver the stolen laptop to one of the town's redemption offices, from where the police seized it, RIAMO notes.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the young “hacker” after visiting a visit became rich with a hundred thousand rubles.

An acquaintance stole a laptop to a suburban girl

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“Coma first, then death”: what the old militia didn't share with the disabled

& quot; Coma first, then & mdash; death

Investigators softened the qualification of the article to Vyacheslav Gritsyuk, 27, after a fight with which a disabled person from the first group Andrei Zanyatnov died in Podolsk. Now, instead of 15 years in prison, the accused faces four months. Zanyatnov's daughter categorically disagrees with this and intends to seek the most severe punishment. RIA Novosti investigated the circumstances of the tragedy.

Battle at the store

It happened in the village of Bykovo in May, when 56-year-old Andrei Zanyatnov asked his neighbor Vladimir Gutman to go grocery shopping and gave him a thousand rubles. After waiting several hours, he went to get it. I found myself near the store – along with several other people.

“According to eyewitnesses, Vova's drunkard told my dad he lost the money and promised to return the money the next day,” Zanyatnova's daughter returns, Ekaterina, with a fist on her head. and never got up, but no one called for an ambulance. They didn't even provide first aid even though, as it turned out later, there were medics in the business. “

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The fight was filmed by outdoor surveillance cameras – the footage shows how Andrei falls and remains still. People around, as if nothing had happened, continue to vigorously discuss something.

Then Zanyatnov was dragged around the corner of the house and leaned against the wall. There he was found by his common-law partner. I called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed an injury to the spinal cord, as well as a fracture of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.

Two operations with implantation of metal plates in the neck did not help – on May 10, Zanyatnov died in intensive care without regaining consciousness.

“Go forward”

The forensic examination established a direct causal link between the death and the nature of the injuries, concluding that they were inflicted “with the fist or the feet”. A criminal case has been opened under the article “Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in negligent death of victim.” Where he was going to hide. However, Vyacheslav's lawyer denies this.

“My client didn't go anywhere and the next day he came to the police,” Vladimir Platov said. “And after Zanyatnov's death, the investigator called Gritsyuk and asked to testify that he did. Even in the temporary detention center, they carried him without handcuffs . “

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Diocese of Tula revealed details of attack on priest

In the Tula diocese revealed details of the attack on the priest

The Holy Dormition Monastery in Novomoskovsk provides material assistance to the priest who was attacked, the head of Tula metropolis is monitoring her condition personally, told RIA Novosti in the Russian diocese of Tula

Earlier, a representative of the Tula region & # 39; s interior ministry confirmed to RIA Novosti that an attack on a priest had taken place on the territory of the Holy Dormition Monastery in Novomoskovsk. The assailant used a knife. The incident, according to the Home Office representative, was not related to the professional duties of a clergyman – it was a domestic conflict between two previously familiar people. “He (the clergyman) came in from the evening service, went wild. And – a knock on the door. He came back, opened, and there – this man. Called him for a conversation and immediately attacked in the park monastery, ”he added.

“Father felt better, nothing threatens his life – the internal organs are not injured. The abbot of the monastery himself watched the recording of the cameras and was during the Investigative actions. Of course we do, the father is helped, everything is under control “, – said the interlocutor of the agency.

The Diocese of Tula revealed details of the attack on the priest

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A priest in the Tula region was attacked with a knife

The region of Tula was attacked with a knife

A clergyman from the Tula region was hospitalized with wounds after being attacked, according to preliminary data, with a knife, a representative of the Interior Ministry for the region told RIA Novosti.

Social networks reported that a priest was attacked on the territory of the Holy Dormition Monastery in Novomoskovsk. The assailant used a knife.

The representative of the region & # 39; s Interior Ministry confirmed to RIA Novosti that the incident had taken place.

“The priest was taken to a medical center. According to preliminary data, he was attacked with a knife. There are a number of injuries, the severity of the injury to the health and all the details of what happened are being worked out. The incident is not related to the professional duties of a clergyman. this is a domestic conflict between two previously familiar people. The suspect, a man born in 1999, was taken to the Interior Ministry department for investigation, “the source said. The attack was carried out in the street, next to the monastery. RIA Novosti n & # 39; has no comments from the monastery yet.

 A priest from the Tula region was attacked with a knife

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The police came to the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg

At the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg, the police came

Vasya Oblomov's concert in St. Petersburg was arrested by the police, the musician himself was arrested. reported on social networks. “. Petersburg, the police came to the club and stopped my concert”, – wrote the artist on Twitter.

He later clarified that “the concert was forbidden”, adding that the team managed to perform three songs.

Law enforcement has yet to comment on the incident.

According to “Gazeta.ru”, the reason for the ban is unknown, but according to the assumptions of the fans, it may be due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Hours before the performance began, Oblomov warned fans that the concert would take place, however, due to circumstances beyond his control and the organizers, the event was moved from Vremya N club, located on Vasilievsky Island, at Aurora concert hall on Piro govskaya embankment.

Earlier, Sputnik radio announced that it would only be allowed to participate in competitions and concerts in St. Petersburg with a QR code.

The font is came to the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg

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The fire did not disrupt the operation of heat and electricity installations in southwest Moscow

Fire did not interfere with the operation of heat and power plants in the southwest of Moscow

The operation of heat plants after the fire in southwest Moscow was not disrupted, the capital's municipal economic complex said on its Telegram channel.

Earlier, the Green Street gas substation fire was learned. The fire ignited two cars parked nearby. The RIA Novosti Department of Emergency Situations reported that the fire had been extinguished.

The town & # 39; s municipal economic complex states that the town & # 39; s facilities have not been disrupted.

“The city & # 39; s heat and electricity facilities were not disturbed. “, – said in the department.

In addition, on behalf of the mayor of Moscow, the work of the operational headquarters to eliminate the consequences of the fire was organized.

The fire n & Did not disrupt the operation of heat and electricity installations in the southwest of Moscow

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“Escaped, killed, kidnapped”: a mother of two is wanted in Riazan for the third month

Volunteers recently resumed the search for 26 years – old Elena Logunova, who disappeared without a trace this summer. Her parents' lawyer convinces the investigation to question her husband as a suspect. He, in turn, is sure that nothing terrible has happened – his wife will be back soon. Details of the high-profile story can be found in RIA Novosti's article. The spouse remained with the children. In the evening his wife never returned home and he called the police. Security forces inspected the apartment, but found nothing suspicious.

“For several days they took no action”, explains Maxim Kalinov, Elena's mother's lawyer (she was found to be the injured party). “It was not until the fourth day that the dog handler arrived with the dog. And the questioning of neighbors, inspection of attics, basements and other investigative measures began a whole month after the disappearance. We have wasted precious time. »

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