Return from the fortress. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years

The return of the Fortochnik. Who scared the people of Omsk for ten years

He left no witnesses or fingerprints – a 63-year-old suspect in a series of rape bombings was detained in Omsk. According to the UK, he tracked down the girls and entered their apartment through the window at night. The maniac was wanted for 12 years. About how he was found – in RIA Novosti material.

The Night Guest

At the end of April 2010, the police department No. 6 of the Oktyabrsky district in Omsk received two similar requests. At night, on Kosmichesky Prospekt, an unknown person entered the apartment on the first floor. He raped the mistress, took the money and escaped through the window. The same thing happened in a nearby house a few minutes later.

According to the victims, a short, stocky man constantly shined a flashlight in his eyes, he was not therefore not possible to distinguish his face. I only remember gray hair. The agents checked all the bases, questioned the inhabitants of the district, but no one aroused suspicion.

A month later, another attack took place in the Sovetsky district. This time the woman gave a serious rebuff and the criminal retreated. Thanks to his testimony, a sketch was made. Guidelines for a 40-50 year old man have been sent to all regional departments of the Ministry of Interior and patrols have been intensified in the streets. “The return of the Fortochnik. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years” />

Aiming at the maniac of the ICR investigation committee in the ICR region 39;Omsk

In September, Fortochnik, as the locals called him, went on the hunt again: within days he raped two girls in the Soviet quarter and a suburb of Omsk.

< /p>” At that time, the whole city was talking only about a maniac”, recalls a resident Elena Ivanova (at her request, the name was changed ). “Several cases occurred in the village of Chkalovsk on the outskirts of the city. My close friend lived in an apartment on the ground floor. She was afraid to open the windows at night. Many people put bars.”

But in several apartments the windows were intentionally not closed – a police ambush awaited the maniac there. Popular squads patrolled the streets at night. Dozens of men were brought to regional services, their data recorded and their alibis checked. However, the attacks continued. jpg” alt=”Return of the Fortochnik. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years” />


The goalkeeper helped save a fan's life during a Barcelona game. How did he do it?

The goalkeeper helped save the life of a fan in a Barcelona game. How did he do it?

The Spanish Championship game between Cadiz and Barcelona almost ended in tragedy. The game was even forced to stop for almost an hour and it was unclear if it would continue at all. Some of the players fell on the pitch and started to pray.

The Cadiz goalkeeper was the first to react

The usual meeting of guests of the Catalan “Barcelona” with “Cadiz” did not portend much intrigue. Xavi's team is gradually emerging from the crisis and showing quality football. Here, in the match with “Cadiz”, the Catalans didn't have any particular problems. Barça controlled the course of events and scored two goals in the 81st minute. Everything was going to a predictable end, but at that moment the match suddenly stopped.

It turned out that the elderly fan fell ill in the stands. It was a heart attack, so it looked very serious. As club medics tried to reach the supporter, Cadiz goalkeeper Jeremias Ledesma, who literally helped save a man's life, was best placed to understand the situation. He rushed for a bag of medical supplies, there was also a defibrillator. Ledesma immediately flew to the stands and threw the device into the stands, where the fans collected the defibrillator and sent it to the injured fan.

Care Emergency medical was provided and then doctors took over. The spectators were in shock, but it seems the players on the pitch were even more prostrate. Some of them even collapsed on the lawn and started praying, one of them was Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo. Spanish media then reported that the elderly fan went into cardiac arrest. Of course, no one was thinking about football anymore. -emu-eto-udalos-41104cd.jpg” alt=”The goalkeeper helped save the life of a fan during a Barcelona game. How did he do it?” />


“Overestimated their strength”: what led to the death of tourists in Kamchatka

Three survived

“When the guide first contacted the Ministry of Emergency Situations, he was told said that no pilot would have a license to fly a helicopter at an altitude of more than 3300 meters,” said the head of the commission of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT ) for adventure tourism and the general director of the company RussiaDiscovery Vadim Mamontov.

At that time, according to him, the weather still made it possible to land where the travelers were. But when the pilot and the plane were found, it deteriorated: it was no longer possible to quickly access the victims.

“The group had to wait at this height, and it probably caused the death of people, “suggests Mamontov.< p>" Overestimated their strength

Search and rescue operation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations on the Klyuchevskoy volcano Pavel Zhuravlev: “There was wind gusts of 25 to 30 meters per second, plus snow, zero visibility.”

As a result, they worked according to the instructions, he notes. “Every call is coordinated with the authorities , they get a group together, work out the logistics. If it is an unknown area for lifeguards, they take a guide with them. If the helicopter cannot land at the location where the emergency occurred, they do a high drop. After that, they continue to climb towards the victims on foot”.


“He won't stop.” Perm Chikatilo breaks free

Serial killer Dmitry Tambasov, known as Perm Chikatilo, asked the court to replace the prison sentence with hard labor He was refused, but local residents still fear that he will be released this year Why their fears are not unfounded – in the material of RIA Novosti.

One ​​post for the show

On the evening of November 21, 2002, Tatyana Nikitenko went to the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, she was very fond of art, led a theater studio and decided to celebrate his 40th birthday with the premiere of the play.

“I didn't come home,” says his mother Galina. “A couple of days later , the police called me and asked me to come to the morgue It turned out that on November 22, in the city center, just behind the opera house, passers-by are fallen on the corpse of a f ems. It was Tanya./on-ne-ostanovitsja-permskij-chikatilo-rvetsja-na-svobodu-3174e2f.jpg” alt=””He won't stop.”


Stupidity Ruined Genius: The Most Ridiculous Death in Olympic History

Awesome stupidity ruined: the most ridiculous death in the history of the Olympics

The editor of a Portuguese sports newspaper was driving from his home to his office by tram. Somewhere in the middle of the path, he put down the new number, looked out the window and saw a man running parallel. The editor thought the guy didn't have time and decided to catch up with the transport to the next stop. But the restless runner did not jump into the open doors, continuing on his way.

Lazaro was running to work ten kilometers from home

That day, the journalist observed Francisco Lazar's usual way of working. The Portuguese has just finished his studies and found a job as a carpenter in a local factory. Lazaru grew up in a poor family, which he tried to help financially from an early age. To save money and not spend money on tram trips, he walked to work every day. And Francisco lived ten kilometers from the factory.

Every day he went back and forth, which the editor of the magazine noticed. When he saw Lazar again, he himself ran to the bus stop and approached the runner. The journalist was shocked when he learned that Francisco had never run. He invited him to register for the marathon, which was to take place in Portugal in a few days. nelepaja-smert-v-istorii-olimpiady-ad2b51f.jpg” alt=”Stupidity ruined a genius: the most ridiculous death in the history of the Olympics” />


“He stabbed his daughter. The verdict of the repeat offender excited the whole Urals

In the Chelyabinsk region, 32-year-old Ramiz Asfandiyarov, who killed his two-year-old daughter, was found guilty. He claimed to have accidentally stabbed the child with a knife. Despite the testimony of a witness and aggravating circumstances, the sentence is rather mild: a year and a half in a penal colony. The victim's mother demands to reconsider this decision.

Drunken quarrel

In the afternoon of February 5, Ramiz Asfandiyarov, his companion Victoria Murygina and their neighbor Anna went to visit. The party dragged on. We returned to Troitsk at midnight. Near the house, the head of the family, quite drunk, began to accuse his concubine of treason.

The quarrel continued in the apartment, where the man punched Murygina several times in the face, grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her on the floor. The brutal beating was interrupted by a phone call. While Asfandiyarov was talking on his cell phone, Victoria dialed Anna's number, asked her to come urgently and also call the police.


Rosseti: the accident on the Maryino line did not affect Moscow's energy supply

Rosseti: Accident on Maryino line did not affect power supply in Moscow

to pops followed by smoke, did not disrupt the power supply to consumers, RIA Novosti told the Rosseti company of the Moscow region. 110 kV “Marino”, which caused pops followed by smoke.

“The consequences of a local technological violation were quickly eliminated. In the shortest possible time, consumers were transferred to a backup power system. There are no off consumers,” the company said.

Rosseti Moscow Region (formerly MOESK) is one of the largest distribution network companies in Russia, operates in Moscow and the Moscow region. The majority shareholder is Rosseti with a 50.9% stake in the authorized capital. 17.62% belong to the management company “Leader”, 9.77% – to Gazprombank, 6.19% – to the management company “Agana”, 5.05% – to the company “OEK-Finance”.

Rosseti: accident on the


US Champion Survives Crash, Saves Four Children From Burning Plane

American champion survives crash and saves four children from burning plane

Thirty-three years ago , the US Flight 232 disaster at Su-Ville. The accident claimed the lives of 112 people. There would have been even more casualties had it not been for Michael Matz, a prominent American athlete who displayed true heroism in the first minutes after the disaster.

Michael Matz was involved in equestrian sports. He made a name for himself in show jumping, becoming the Pan American Games champion in 1975 and, three years later, winning individual and team bronze medals at the World Championships in Aachen. -Chapel, Germany. Subsequently, he won more than one Pan American Games and became the world champion in 1986. -katastrofe-i-spas-chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-ff274e5.jpg” alt=”The American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />

Michael Matz

< /p>July 19, 1989, Matz and his future wife returned from Hawaii, where he was a judge at the equestrian competition. Coincidentally, the couple missed their connecting flight from Denver to Philadelphia. Matz was offered tickets on one of the two other planes that flew to Philadelphia on the same day. “We took the wrong flight,” the passenger later noted. /uploads/2022/07/champion-iz-ssha-vyzhil-v-katastrofe-i-spas -chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-91d7cf4.jpg” alt=”American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />


Case “Network” *. Who is accused of one of the most publicized murders

The case of the

Employees of the Russian investigative commission ended the investigation of a double murder, which they believe was committed by a member of the terrorist organization “Network”* together with a friend. One is now behind bars, the other is on the run. Other members of the underground community have already been convicted under other articles.

Body in the forest

In April 2017, Ekaterina Levchenko, 19, and Artem Dorofeev, 21, disappeared in Penza. The young man's relatives were the first to call the police. Photos were displayed throughout the city and in local audiences. Officers and volunteers searched.

From time to time there were reports that a similar couple had been seen in different areas. Friends suggested that Artem and Katya could move. Why without warning is a mystery.

Delo "Networks*. Who is accused of one of the most notorious murders

Artem Dorofeev

A few months later, in November, near the village of Lopukhi, in the Ryazan region, mushroom pickers found the body of a man with gunshot and stab wounds. The deceased appeared to be 25-30 years old, there were no documents. For two years the body was listed as unidentified. It was not until the fall of 2019, using a DNA test, that experts established that it was the missing Dorofeev . At the same time, a criminal case was opened under the article “Murder”.

In 2020, the buried body of a girl was also found nearby. At that time, the name of one of the suspects was already known. Of course, on a completely different subject. -308a2d5.jpg” alt=”The Network Case*. Who is accused of one of the most publicized murders” />

Ekaterina Levchenko

Scouts, sappers and doctors

In October 2017, employees of the Penza traffic police stopped the car of a 20-year-old student from the local pedagogical university Yegor Zorin. Medicines in the pockets and in the cabin. And a lot.

The young man willingly cooperated with the investigation and, to speed up the term, he did a report on a terrorist community that had been operating for two years. The material was immediately handed over to the FSB.

According to Zorin, in the spring of 2015, 27-year-old gunnery instructor Dmitry Pchelintsev and 23-year-old physics student Ilya Shakursky gathered several acquaintances around them who loved airsoft, adhered to anti-fascist and anarchist views. The first cell was called “5.11” (the date of the execution of the Penza revolutionary Nikolai Pchelintsev, who was hanged in 1907). It included five people, including 25-year-old former sailor Maxim Ivankin. -iz-samyh-gromkih-ubijstv-a12c14b.jpg” alt=”The Network case*. Who is accused of one of the most notorious murders”


A Phone Call: How 112 Operators Save People

On call distance: how 112 service operators save people

This year Moscow's 112 system celebrates its anniversary. Emergency operators receive hundreds of calls daily from citizens in distress. RIA Novosti correspondent collected the stories of three system specialists who told what led them to such a difficult job, how they cope with stress and what unusual requests for help they have heard over the years .

 A call: how Service 112 operators save people

Svetlana Dubrovina, senior specialist in receiving and processing emergency calls to the 112 system in Moscow

In April 2022, Svetlana celebrated the first anniversary of her work in the 112 service – 5 years. She got into the business by accident. Her son dreamed of entering the college of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the process of collecting documents, Svetlana came across a vacancy as an operator by chance.“At that time I was unemployed, so I decided to apply for the vacant position, professional retraining. So I found a new profession, ”says Dubrovina.

Before calling, Svetlana underwent extensive training. As part of the training, Service 112 operators fully study the infrastructure of Moscow and the nearest regional cities. Radial highways, the Moscow ring road, the garden and boulevard rings with all the streets on the outer and inner sides, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, the embankments of the Moscow River and the Yauza – all this should steal the teeth of the experts and be firmly reminded.

“Once a week we had tests on all these subjects. If you don't pass the test, they give you an attempt to retake it. If you don't iron it, that means you don't have to do anything in the system I came in 2017 as part of a group of 16, I completed the recycling of only 5 of them, and now we're down to two of those staff. People who come to Service 112 just to earn money, as a rule, don't stay there long” , Dubrovina shares her memories.

One call: how 112 service operators save people