“Blood was everywhere.” Police are at an impasse in the search for a missing housewife

Mysterious detective books, stains blood on the walls and no witnesses – the best American detectives for already half a century enigma on the mysterious disappearance of Joan Rish, 31 years, a mother of two children of Boston. The versions are different: kidnapping, murder, sudden madness or escape. The most likely are in RIA Novosti material.

She left and did not return

On the morning of October 24, 1961, Martin, Joan's husband, went on a business trip to New York for a few days. His wife left her youngest son David with neighbors and took her daughter Lillian to the dentist.

Although there was no one home, as usual they brought milk and mail. Later, during questioning, the milkman and postman said they hadn't noticed anything suspicious at the door. hit a dead end in search of missing housewife” />

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Moscow rescuers reminded citizens of the danger of falling through the ice

Rescuers Moscow reminded citizens of the danger of falling through the ice

Demonstration tactical exercises to eliminate an emergency situation. File photo

Moscow lifeguards remind citizens of the need to take precautions on bodies of water and not go out on the ice, yesterday in northwestern the capital, rescuers helped a teenager who fell into a hole and fell into freezing water, according to Telegram- channel of the capital's municipal economy complex. “Capital rescuers warn: be careful near bodies of water. Yesterday, employees of the Serebryany Bor search and rescue station helped a teenager who fell into a hole near Zhivopisnaya Street, 50 in the northwest of the capital,” the report said.

It is noted that the young man rode a bicycle along the Moscow River, lost control and fell into the ice cold water. The rescuers who arrived gave him first aid, after being examined by an ambulance team, the teenager was hospitalized with signs of hypothermia.” Rescuers recall: at first sight , strong ice is deceptive. If the fall ice cracks under the weight of a person, warning of danger, then the source ice does not make noise and quickly crumbles “, forming a polynya. Seeing an incident on the water, immediately call the rescuers at number 112”, the message reads.

Rescuers Moscow reminded citizens of the danger of falling through the ice

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'Traveled half the country': maniacal tenant Schwartz confessed to new murders


In the Moscow region, the investigation of the criminal case of & #39;Andrei Golovachev, 55, charged with eight murders, is over. The “series” acts according to a pattern: it rents an apartment or a room, brutally suppresses the owner and leaves for another region. About where the maniac was and how many victims there may be – in the material of RIA Novosti.

TT familiar

Komi) found two dead men with mutilated faces under a road bridge over the Pozhnya River. A forensic examination established that the two had been shot in the head with the same TT pistol, but at different times – in November and December. A sleeve lay nearby – from the same TT. Officers discovered that all three had been killed by a member of the local criminal group Andrei Golovachev, nicknamed Schwartz. And because of banal and random quarrels. -2f47885.jpg” alt=””Travelled half the country”: maniacal tenant Schwartz confessed to new murders” />

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'I dismembered and hid her': Businessman dodged murder article

The Man of Man Nizhny Novgorod cases Narek Baghdasaryan was sentenced to five years in a penal colony for “negligently inflicting death” on his common-law wife. He hid the body in such a way that it has yet to be found. Investigators say the crime was accidental and unplanned. Relatives of the victim categorically disagree with this and demand to tighten the article.

Fresh scratches on the neck

The morning of the July 13, 2020, logistics specialist Galina Semenova did not appear for work. She did not answer phone calls. She was a very disciplined employee, so her colleagues immediately sounded the alarm.

“At nine o'clock I was informed that my sister was not communicating” , remembers the brother of the deceased, Alexei. “I immediately called his common-law husband Narek. He is having trouble breathing, as if carrying heavy loads, he said that in the morning, as usual, he took his son in kindergarten, then Galya in the office. Even then I noticed this strange shortness of breath.”

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“There may be more victims”: who was the Vorkuta serial killer

The Supreme Court of the Komi Republic sentenced truck driver Dmitry Dirko to 21 years in a strict regime colony for the murder of a five-year-old child committed in Vorkuta. A seventeen-year-old student was not his first victim: earlier, Dirko brutally suppressed a schoolgirl from the Kostroma region. About how the maniac was caught – in the material of RIA Novosti.sister from the Manturovsky district of Kostroma region to the neighboring Mezhevskaya. After the first weekend in May, the girl did not appear either at home or at school. Only then did the mother turn herself in to the police.

The family was considered dysfunctional and officers believed that Vika had simply left the house. Volunteers found the body only on May 6 – not far from the highway and 13 kilometers from where the girl used to go for a ride. Experts have found that the teenager was strangled and there was no rape.

Pictured: Victoria Gureu

The most experienced employees of the regional departments of the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs were looking for the killer. An operational headquarters was organized in Manturovo, and previously convicted residents of the district were interrogated. The deceased desperately resisted and, apparently, scratched the face of the criminal – pieces of skin remained under her fingernails. But no DNA matches were found in any database.

As a result, they agreed on the driver's version of the ride – they began to check by numbers the owners of cars that passed on May 2 in the Manturovo region. local college student Valentina Tsyvunina disappeared in Vorkuta. In the morning, she went to class. She did not return to the village of Vorgashor, which is a few kilometers from the city.

At first they also decided: the girl ran away after a conflict with her mother. But she assured that she did not argue with her daughter. Yes, and the student's documents remained at home. A criminal case was opened under the article “Murder”.

Pictured: Valentina Tsyvunina

Valentina often hitchhiked to Vorkuta.

“Six-month-old investigators called interrogations of my friend, a driving school instructor,” says Vorkuta resident Aleksey Tarasov, “His training VAZ-2109 was seen not far from the place of the loss. In fact, a few months before, he had sold the car.”

Dmitry Dirko, 36, is a truck driver who was previously convicted of murdering a woman in Vorkuta in the late 1990s.

He was released in 2014. Settled in Kostroma, got married, got a job. The woman gave birth to two children. However, a few years later, Dirko quit his job unexpectedly and returned with his family to Vorkuta. of Vorkuta” />

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A burnt mosque in Dagestan

Burnt mosque in Dagestan

A mosque with an area of ​​nearly 400 square meters burned down in Dagestan, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies for the Republic reported.

located on the territory of Khasavyurt district, administratively – Akhvakh district. Upon the arrival of the PSCH-11 duty guard, the mosque burned down completely over an area of ​​375 squares,” the report said.

The department added that it was not there were no casualties, there was no one in the mosque was not and the evacuation was not carried out The causes of the fires and damage are being clarified clarification.

Burnt mosque in Dagestan< /p>

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“They have millions”: what do they spend budget money on in the Kuban

The Krasnodar Kolosovs have been catching stray dogs for many years. By law, animals must be temporarily placed in a shelter, and if the owner does not show up, they must be released where they were captured. Local residents claim that contractors are simply killing dogs to save money. Public campaigners also blame officials for failing to track where budget funds are going. RIA Novosti looked into the situation.

Daytime shooting

In October, Svetlana Afanasyeva from Armavir went to the city cemetery to visit the graves of her relatives. There I saw two men shoot stray dogs.

“Two were killed before my eyes. The administration said that the dogs were harmless, lived here for a long time, they were abandoned by the owners, says the pensioner. I tried to stop the shooters, but they said they had permission from the authorities. I photographed the car, they turned around and drove off. And later they again traveled around the cemetery looking for of victims”. : what do they spend budget money on in the Kuban” />


The car belonged to private entrepreneurs – the spouses Maxim and Ekaterina Kolosov.

< /p>Animal rights activists have started posting complaints on social media and finding out on what basis dogs are slaughtered in the middle of the day. Employees of the city administration explained: with “IP Kolosova E.A.” an agreement was signed “on the removal from the territory of synanthropic predatory animals that threaten the lives of citizens”.

From January 2020, shooting at stray dogs is prohibited. Businessmen can start trapping stray animals under the All-Russian program OSVV (“Capture, Sterilization, Vaccination, Return”).

According to the rules, animals must be examined, quarantined if necessary, vaccinated, sterilized and cured. After 30 days, if the dog is healthy, shows no aggression and the owners have not been found, it is released back into the wild where it was recovered.

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'The murder could not be avoided': what is wrong with the Rostov policeman

Rostov region district police officer Alexander Kisarov faces five years in prison for negligence. Investigators said an eleven-year-old girl called her cell phone and said her father was attacking her mother with a knife. The major did not inform the duty unit of this and the family dispute ended in a brutal murder. According to the policeman himself, he did everything possible to prevent the crime. RIA Novosti investigated the circumstances of the tragedy.

New Year's frenzy

At the start of last year, Oksana Levchenko, 31, a mother of three, disappeared in the village of Zimovniki. She hasn't contacted her family since January 1, but they didn't start an active search until a few days later, when volunteers arrived from Rostov-on-Don, Volgodonsk and Other towns of buildings and forest belts, the police questioned relatives. and friends of the disappeared. They said Oksana often argues with her common-law partner Vasily Kichigin. Conflicts, as a rule, are born out of jealousy. According to residents, he was not working anywhere and had already been convicted of beating.

Oksana Levchenko

It is Kichigin who announced Oksana's disappearance, but was unable to give an intelligible explanation due to frenzied drunkenness during the holidays.

On the evening of January 10, volunteers found his body on an abandoned beach near the village. The forensic examination found around 20 stab wounds. A criminal case has been opened under the article “Murder”. The investigation was quickly dropped due to the death of the prime suspect.

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All miners were evacuated from the Ruban mine

The Ribbon mine has been evacuated all the miners

From the AD Ruban mine in Kuzbass, where the sensors recorded the heating of the vein, all the workers were brought to the surface, the service of Siberian Coal Energy press The company told RIA Novosti … The Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed this information, no one was injured.

As reported by services emergency, there were 128 workers in front. According to the initial data, a fire broke out in the mine, but SUEK clarified that, according to the draft, “a self-heating of the formation occurred and the corresponding sensors were triggered. “. safety protocol, evacuation of minors started immediately, communication was established with everyone. Work on the mine has been suspended.

The Kouzbass prosecutor's office said the department would check compliance with the requirements of the law on labor protection and industrial safety.

All minors have been Evacuees from the Ruban mine

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