“They closed the wrong one.” An Unexpected Turn in the “Love Hunter” Case

The bad one was arrested. An unexpected turn in the case of the

RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. A new death forces a reconsideration of the long-standing case of a series of murders and rapes in Chelyabinsk. The convicted person may be innocent. Why the revealed details radically change the situation – in the material of RIA Novosti reported that her boyfriend was killed. It happened in the city park named after Gagarin.

The couple in love retreated to the back seat of the car. The assailant opened the door and fired several bullets into the man's head without speaking. Then he raped a female passenger who was in shock and, after checking her papers, released her. He said she was not on the victim list. I took the “Saiga” rifle, the money and the dead man's phone number from the passenger compartment of the car. dele-ohotnika-na-vljublenyh-3a7454b.jpg” alt=””The bad one was arrested.” make the case “love hunter” />

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