Ust-Ilimsk resident sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for death of passenger in crash

 A resident of Ust-Ilimsk was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for the death of a passenger in an accident

Ust-Ilimsk City Court indicted a local resident, a man was found guilty of breaking traffic rules, resulting in the death of one person through negligence, IrkutskMedia reports with reference to the press service of the regional prosecutor's office and to the main directorate of the interior ministry of the region.

birthday parties. While driving on the Bratsk-Ust-Ilimsk highway, he wanted to slow down, but eventually lost control. As a result, the alien car rolled into a ditch and overturned. The 23-year-old passenger in the front seat died of his injuries.

The man was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison in a general penal colony. He was also deprived of the right to engage in driving-related activities for two years.

The verdict has not yet entered into force.

Previously Sputnik radio reported that a minibus struck a motorcyclist in Mytishchi and dragged him along the road.

 Resident of Ust-Ilimsk sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for the death of a passenger in an accident


Court referred defendants in child trafficking case to remand center

Cour referred the defendants in the child trafficking case to SIZO

The Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Moscow City Court of transfer the director general of the European Surrogacy Center Vladislav Melnikov and three other defendants in the child trafficking case from SIZO to house arrest, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service court.

“The panel of judges decided: to overturn the decision of the Moscow City Court. Extend the preventive measure in the form of the detention of Panaioti Lilia, Ivanova Yuliana, Ashitkov Taras and Melnikov Vladislav for a period of three months. They were taken into custody in the courtroom, “the agency told the press service.

In January 2020, the body of a baby was found in the urban district of Odintsovo. In the apartment, investigators found three more children born to surrogate mothers. The birth parents of the babies turned out to be foreign citizens. The newborns were in the apartment under the supervision of a nanny while the documents were being prepared for their export abroad. The children were abducted and taken to the hospital.

Investigating authorities have opened a case for negligent death and human trafficking. According to them, in 2014-2020, the heads and employees of two commercial organizations, with the participation of employees of private medical centers, provided services to surrogate mothers for a fee, in violation of the legislation of the Federation of Russia. Eight people were arrested in July 2020.

In July 2021, the Moscow City Court decided to transfer four of the defendants who had spent a year in the pre-trial detention center under house arrest. But the Court of Appeal changed the measure of duress from house arrest to detention.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that a man was detained in Moscow, who threw his two-year-old son out of an apartment

 The court sent the defendants back to the & # Child trafficking case at SIZO


Media: Moscow couple confessed to ritual killings and cannibalism

Media: Moscow couple confessed to ritual killings and cannibalism

Young couple from Moscow confessed to series of ritual killings they committed ago is five years old in the Leningrad region and Karelia, reports the website

According to one of the Telegram channels, officers arrested young people for drug possession. However, during questioning, details of much more serious crimes surfaced.

Husband and wife confessed to two murders, but investigators admit there could have been more. The victims of the Satanists were residents of the Leningrad region, who have been missing since 2016. Most likely, those killed liked the occult and trusted a few Muscovites.

The first crime was committed by the couple near the town of Priozersk in the Leningrad region. They killed a resident of St. Petersburg Platon Stepanov. The young man was lured “on a hike”.

The couple are also involved in the death of a girl from Moscow, who accompanied them to Karelia. She considered them to be her adherents.

The media write that the young people were members of a sect. In addition to them, ten other members of the group were arrested. Several people were subsequently released.

Muscovites are raising two children.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that the UK had broadcast footage of a house in Khakassie, where a family had been stabbed to death.

Media: Moscow couple confessed to ritual killings and cannibalism


Russian nuclear submarine lost power off the coast of Denmark

Russian nuclear submarine lost speed off the coast of Denmark

Russian nuclear submarine Orel lost speed for some time near the ; Danish island of Seiero, sailors from the 3rd Squadron of the Danish Navy told Facebook.

“Eagle” was created according to project 949A “Antey” (Oscar-II according to NATO classification).

Altai “and the guided-missile destroyer” Vice-Admiral Kulakov “as they passed from St. Petersburg to the Kola Peninsula. Russian ships were returning from the parade, held in the northern capital on the 25th July on the occasion of Navy Day.

A Russian nuclear powered submarine, which sailed on the surface, lost speed near the island of Seiero. Seiero, “- said in a message.

Neither the Russian side nor the Danish side have commented on this information yet.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the fourth generation nuclear submarine “Krasnoyarsk” had been launched.

The Russian nuclear submarine lost speed off the coast of Denmark


Investigative Committee showed footage of a house in Khakassia where a family was stabbed to death

The Investigation Committee showed footage of a house in Khakassia, where a family was stabbed to death

Video of a house in the village of Dzhirim in Khakassia, where a family of five was killed, has appeared on the web.

On Thursday morning, it became known that in the Shirinsky region, in the village of Zhirim, a family of five had been stabbed to death: the hostess, her husband, her son, little -daughter and brother of her husband. A local resident was arrested on suspicion of murder. A criminal case has been opened.

Video footage shows how investigators and forensic experts work with evidence. You can also see the parts of the village house and the table knife, which probably became the murder weapon.

A man detained for murder is shown at the end of the video.

The head of the Shirinsky region Sergei Zaitsev said earlier that the suspect was recently released, he spent 18 years in prison due to the massacre of local residents.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that a Kyzyl resident was mistakenly stabbed at someone else's child.

The Investigating Committee showed footage of a house in Khakassia, where a family was stabbed to death


Irkutsk resident drunk on Airborne Forces day hijacked car and crashed other five people's cars

 On the day of the airborne forces, a drunken resident of Irkutsk stole a car and crushed the cars of five other people

Main Directorate of the Ministry Interior of Russia.

The incident took place on the evening of August 2, during the celebration of Airborne Forces Day in Russia. An employee of the gas station who served in the airborne troops decided to pick up the customer's car and drive around town. When he crashed into five other cars at once, they complained about him to the police.

The security forces arriving at the scene found that the alleged perpetrator was intoxicated. In addition, three years ago a man was deprived of his driver's license for a similar offense.

For refusing to take a test, he was arrested for ten days. Investigators have opened criminal proceedings against the man over the illegal seizure of a vehicle with no intention of theft.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that a minibus struck a motorcyclist in Mytishchi and dragged him along the road. The man died.

 A drunk citizen of Irkutsk on the day of the airborne forces stole a car and crashed the cars of five other people


Terrorists and athletes: who needs the Olympics most

Terrorists and athletes: who needs of the Olympic Games

Terrorists and athletes: who needs the Olympics most

Terrorists and Athletes: Who Needs the Olympics Most It all happened four days before the Beijing Olympics opened. The attack on the military unit was swift. A terrorist jumped out of a dump truck and started wielding a knife. The second threw explosives at the barracks, then burst inside with a pistol. The result is 16 killed and the same number of wounded.

The culprits were a greengrocer and a taxi driver. Local residents, Uyghurs by nationality. Muslims. A major center of Uighur autonomy in Xinjiang in northwest China, Kashgar is known for the activities of the “Islamic Movement of East Turkestan”. In 2008, this terrorist organization was particularly active. On the eve of the Olympics, its leaders flooded China with leaflets calling on Uyghur separatists to surrender to jihad and to make 2008 a “year of terrorism and mourning.” The terrorist attack on August 4 was one of the few that could not be avoided. Four months before him, the authorities carried out a large military operation in Uyghur autonomy. According to the testimony of the detainees, they planned the murders and kidnappings of athletes and guests of the Olympics.

Terrorists and athletes: who needs the Olympics

Before the start of the Games, Beijing was called a “model of discipline”, and in terms of security, China received an “excellent” international rating. According to Sinologist Nikolai Vavilov, it was important for terrorists to show the weakness, vulnerability and fragility of China: “Whoever prepared the terrorist attack was counting on a wide international resonance, on a painful blow to the world. Image of the country, which is objectively considered one of the safest in the world. China is an anti-leader. by the number of crimes. But, I think, it's still worth the wait that terrorist attacks are prepared on the eve of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. -2022 “.

Terrorists and athletes: who needs the most OJ

OJ 2008, opening, festivities

Terrorists generally like to choose the venue for the match. On this matter, Sovetsky Sport editor Nikolay Yaremenko said: “There are no other events that attract the attention of the same number of people. Fire in spring and summer from the same year 2008: How many times she was attacked as she crossed continents! Human rights are constantly violated in China. On August 9, an American citizen was killed by an activist with a knife. August 13, two more died in a bomb explosion in a shopping mall.

 Terrorists and athletes: who needs the Olympics most


Details of fatal crash on M-11 motorway known

Steel details of the fatal accident on the M-11 motorway are known

, on the eve of around seven in the evening a Scania truck with a trailer, heading for St.Petersburg in Moscow, crashed a Volvo truck driving in front, which was carried by the impact beyond the separation strip, where it crashed 39; is overthrown.

The driver of Scania “died instantly. The man, who was driving the Volvo, was in a condition of moderate severity and was sent to Gatchina hospital. probable cause of the accident is the failure to respect the distance.

On Monday August 2, an accident on the M-11 motorway in the direction of Moscow brought traffic to a halt on the toll road in the Chudovo region for several hours.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that four Russians injured in road accidents remain in Turkish hospitals in serious condition after an accident with a bus.

Details of the fatal accident on the M-11 motorway are known


“I burned my daughter, I gave a year.” Why those responsible for the deaths of others remain on the run

burning of a concubine – court convictions sometimes seem strange. RIA Novosti examined how everyday understanding of justice differs from legal understanding.

“There is no proof”

In July, a resident of Rostov-on-Don, Alexander Petrenko, was sentenced to one year of restriction of liberty: he was forbidden to leave the city without the consent of the criminal executive inspection. He is to blame for the death of Natalya Ksenzova, a concubine: she was burned 45% of her body, doctors fought for her life in intensive care for thirteen days, but could not save her .

Petrenko was tried under Section 109 – “Causing death by negligence”. According to his testimony (given in the court decision available to the editorial staff), on January 22, 2020, he returned from work at ten in the evening. I found Natalia drunk and started to work things out. At one point, the woman stepped out onto the balcony. In the kitchen, under the sink, Alexander found a plastic bottle with leftover vodka. I thought Natalya hid it and in anger she poured the contents over her head.

After that, he wanted to leave the house, but returned to the balcony to smoke cigarettes. I decided to talk. I tried to smoke, but as soon as I touched a lighter my hands caught fire. Trying to put out the flames, he touched Ksenzova – her hair and clothes caught fire.

Experts examined two empty bottles. In one, traces of ethyl alcohol were found. Neither gasoline nor other flammable liquids were found on Natalya's clothes and hair. The court heeded Petrenko's apology to Natalia's mother and eldest daughter, although both were sure he had committed the crime on purpose. “I burned my daughter and turned a year old,” recounts the mother of the late Svetlana.

Nonetheless, the verdict says: “The court did not receive any evidence which objectively testifies to the commission of premeditated actions by Petrenko aimed at causing bodily harm to Ksenzova. “

Criminal intent

Lawyer Mikhail Yuryev explained to RIA Novosti that the main criterion for choosing a criminal article is the presence of 39; intention. Depending on this, the actions that led to the death of a person are interpreted in different ways.

This may be section 109 (“Causing death by negligence”), and part IV of section 111 (“Intentionally causing bodily harm serious resulting in death by negligence “), and Article 108 (” Murder committed when the limits of the necessary defense are exceeded “), and, of course, the 105th -” Murder “.


A policeman ran over a teenager in a service car in Ivanovo

a car from service of a teenager in Ivanovo

In Ivanovo, a policeman ran over a 16 year old girl in an official car, she did not need a car. Medical assistance, but an official check will be carried out, told reporters from the regional interior ministry.

“On August 1, ABOUT PPSp UMVD of Russia driver-policeman in Ivanovo region during office hours, driving official car” UAZ 390995-04 “, at house 124 on Karavaikova street of regional center, hit the roadway of the crossing along the unregulated pedestrian crossing, a 16-year-old girl, “said representatives of the press service of the Interior Ministry in Ivanovo region, they are quoted by RIA Novosti .

It is pointed out that traffic police officers, doctors and legal representatives of a minor were called to the scene.

“The girl did not need medical attention,” the Home Office added.

The policeman was sober, administrative documents were drawn up against him under Article 12.18 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (“failure to promote pedestrian traffic or other road users “).

“Russia has appointed an official control in the Ivanovo region, after which a decision will be taken in accordance with current legislation,” the press service explained.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that a child was walking in the yard of a house in New Moscow under the wheels of the car.

A policeman has run over a teenager in a service car in Ivanovo