'I wanted to play football, I went to prison': teenager killed opponent on the pitch

In the dying days of spring, the German football community was shocked by news of a deadly brawl at the youth tournament in Frankfurt am Main. The 16-year-old player from the French “Metz” inflicted a serious injury on a 15-year-old opponent, who died a few days later in hospital. Now the young man is in custody awaiting trial, and the story has been making headlines in local publications for a month. Read more about the tragedy and its consequences – the material of RIA Novosti Sport.

The shocking story unfolded at the end of May after the match between the youth teams of French Metz and local club Berlin in the youth tournament. At the end of the match, a fight broke out – a 16-year-old football player from the guests (name withheld) attacked the opponent's player Paul (name withheld) and hit him several times. both in the head and in the stomach. Tom managed to escape and leave, but the assailant didn't calm down and landed another blow to the head from behind. As it turned out later, fatal.

The Berliner fainted in the same place, while the attacker, according to eyewitnesses, calmly left the pitch. And on the lawn a struggle for the life of a teenager unfolded – the pictures were very reminiscent of the situation with Christian Eriksen at the last European Championship. The victim was instantly sealed off from sight and cameras with the help of people and banners so those watching from the sidelines could only pray.

The guy was revived on the lawn and taken to the hospital. But the condition of the victim only worsened, it was only possible to maintain it thanks to the life support system. For three days, doctors fought for the teenager, but were finally forced to declare him brain dead. A week later the details of the autopsy became known: blunt trauma to the left side of the head resulted in a fatal outcome, no previous disease was identified. sopernika-na-pole-5ae20ee.jpg” alt=””I wanted to play football, I ended up in prison”: a teenager killed an opponent on the pitch” />< /p>

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Forest fires in Yugra eliminated

Forest fires extinguished in Ugra < /p>Fire in the forest. File photo

As of 9 a.m. June 13, there were no active forest fires in Yugra, said Yegor Zbrodov, first deputy director of the Department of Forestry. use of subsoil and natural resources of the region.

< /p>Regional forest firefighters participated in the stabilization of situation formations, tenants, employees of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug “Centrospas-Yugoria”, as well as the Omsk Federal Forest Protection Reserve regional and regional forest fire departments of the Murmansk region, republics of Karelia and Komi.

“For the employees of the reserve itself, the regional airbase, the federal reserve and the fire brigade of the Republic of Buryatia worked to eliminate fires on the territory of the Yugansky reserve,” Zbrodov noted. amphibious EMERCOM of Russia Be-200. The municipal state of emergency in the Kondinsky district was also lifted.

“Today five planes are watching, a helicopter is ready to evacuate people. Additional monitoring is carried out using the Lesohranitel system,” Zbrodov said.

The fire regime in the region was introduced on April 28 and residents were banned from visiting the forests and make fires. Last week, 85 fires were extinguished in the region over an area of ​​10,000 hectares, three fires were extinguished in a specially protected natural area of ​​the “Yugansky” reserve.

Forest fires in Yugra have been extinguished

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“They closed the wrong one.” An Unexpected Turn in the “Love Hunter” Case

The bad one was arrested. An unexpected turn in the case of the

RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. A new death forces a reconsideration of the long-standing case of a series of murders and rapes in Chelyabinsk. The convicted person may be innocent. Why the revealed details radically change the situation – in the material of RIA Novosti reported that her boyfriend was killed. It happened in the city park named after Gagarin.

The couple in love retreated to the back seat of the car. The assailant opened the door and fired several bullets into the man's head without speaking. Then he raped a female passenger who was in shock and, after checking her papers, released her. He said she was not on the victim list. I took the “Saiga” rifle, the money and the dead man's phone number from the passenger compartment of the car. dele-ohotnika-na-vljublenyh-3a7454b.jpg” alt=””The bad one was arrested.” make the case “love hunter” />

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Biryukov: fire helicopters completed their work in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow

Birjukov: firefighters Helicopters completed work in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow

Helicopters from the Moscow Aviation Center (MAC) have completed work on a fire in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow, said Petr Biryukov, the capital's deputy mayor for housing and communal services and planning landscaped.

As Biryukov previously reported, two fire helicopters from the Moscow Aviation Center were dispatched to help put out a fire in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow. ““These modern aircraft are equipped with weirs that allow you to dump up to five tons of water on the fire at a time. In total, the helicopters carried out 189 discharges, dropping 895 tons of water and foam. At present, the capital aviation has completed its work and returned to the base airfield, ”said Biryukov, whose words are quoted in the channel of telegrams of the municipal economic complex of the capital.

It should be noted that employees of the search and rescue service of the IAC were also involved in the liquidation of the& #39;incident. They organized events for the safe taking of water from the Moskva River by helicopters.

Earlier, the press service of the regional head of the Ministry of Situations emergency told RIA Novosti that a large fire in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow, where car tires are burning, was localized in an area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters.

Birjukov: fire helicopters have finished their work in Dzerzhinsky near Moscow

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Didn't Mean To Kill: Crazy Fan Hit Tennis Player With Knife And Escape Punishment

I didn't mean to kill: Crazy fan stabbed tennis player and escaped punishment

Günter Parche died last August. He spent the last 14 years of his seemingly mundane life in a nursing home. But on April 30, 1993, his name thundered around the world, because he scratched the career of the Yugoslav tennis player Monica Seles, attacking him with a knife in the middle of a match.

Aux USA with Tom and Jerry

Seles was born in 1973, her father became her first coach, and instead of a court, the future world's first racket had a parking lot with a rope stretched between two cars. His father, who worked as a draftsman, drew characters from the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” on tennis balls.

At the age of nine, Seles won the championship of the Yugoslav youth in girls under 12, a year later she became European champion. At the age of 13, the athlete took part in a youth tournament in the United States, where coach Nick Bollettieri noticed her and invited her to his academy. At 14, Seles won her first professional tournament and moved on to senior tennis. -tennisistku-nozhom-i-izbezhal-nakazanija-ddadd43.jpg” alt=”I didn't mean to kill: Crazy fan stabbed tennis player and escaped punishment” />

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“He's getting revenge.” What is the problem in the highly publicized case of the Afghan veteran

'He takes revenge.' What's wrong with the high-profile case of an Afghan veteran

In the region from Sverdlovsk, Firat Ardiev, 66, was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony for pedophilia. The lawyers point to many inconsistencies, and the residents defend the condemned. About the resonance process – in the material of RIA Novosti.

Long-standing conflict

In the afternoon of April 24 2022, Firat Ardiyev from the city of Alapaevsk celebrated Easter by visiting a friend. Towards evening, I went home.

“Our neighbors in a private house were also partying,” recalls Rifa, his wife. He stopped by neighbor Petr and said something. In response, he abruptly jumped up, gesticulating aggressively. But Firat just waved his hand and moved on.”

Firat Ardiev

Ardiev has been in conflict with Peter for a long time. This time the verbal skirmish escalated into a fight.

“I came out and saw five people – three men and two women – kicking my husband”, says Rifa “I tried to stop them, but I was punched three times in the face, I barely resisted and I shouted that I was going to call the police. Yes, and the conflict seemed settled. 896eaf8.jpg” alt=””He takes revenge”. What's wrong with the high profile case of an Afghan veteran” />

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“He did not complain about his health.” New Details About An MMA Fighter's Mysterious Death

'He Hasn't Complained About His Health'. New Details About Mysterious Death of MMA Fighter

“It's was a simple, decent person”, – this is how friends talk about 25-year-old mixed martial arts fighter Georgy Gagloev . He died on the Moscow – Vladikavkaz train, but because of what – is still unknown. About the high-profile case – in the material of RIA Novosti.

Death at the station

One January morning, passengers from the compartment noticed that the young man had been on the top shelf for several hours and did not move. They found he was not breathing.

Doctors arrived at Liski's station and pronounced him dead.

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“Can avoid jail time.” The murder of Soviet schoolgirls came to light after 34 years

Two mutilated corpses and not a single clue – for more than 30 years , capital investigators could not solve the murder of two Estonian schoolgirls. However, they recently managed to find a suspect. About the resumption of the highly publicized affair – in the material of RIA Novosti, Eda Eikla and Krista Sarap went on vacation to Moscow. The girls loved to draw, they wanted to visit an exhibition of French painting at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

On the evening of March 28, the friends boarded the train, and by morning they were in the capital. Leaving things in the apartment with Eda's loved ones, we went to the center. As investigators later discovered, the schoolgirls visited the Central House of Artists and the Pushkin Museum. Then we walked along Tverskaya. An Estonian journalist saw them there.

Eda Aikle and Krista Sarap

“We were looking for a place to shoot, and I overheard a conversation in their native language among the crowd,” he recalled. we. I asked if they were from Estonia. We talked a bit. They looked cheerful and happy. And they did not return home. The family immediately contacted the police The next day, on the territory of “Elk Island”, passers-by found two corpses with their hands tied behind their backs – they were Estonian schoolgirls.

A medical examination legal revealed that they were raped and strangled Edu with a rope, Kristu with a belt A criminal case was opened under Article 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR “Deliberate killing in aggravating circumstances”. shkolnic-raskryli-cherez-34-goda-96f71d1.jpg” alt=””Can avoid prison”. The murder of Soviet schoolgirls came to light after 34 years” />

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“Abrasions on the corpse.” What happened to the teacher of the Altai Police Department

Altai investigators are investigating the case of 53-year-old Svetlana Achugunova, who died in the police. An examination showed that the cause of death was a heart attack, but relatives discovered around 20 wounds on the body. About what happened – in RIA Novosti material.

Call dropped

They didn't want to start a criminal case – they refused twice. Now charges could be filed in the near future.

On the evening of July 26 this year, at around eight o'clock, a resident of a communal apartment contacted the Gorno-Altaisk police and said a neighbor drunk, Svetlana Achugunova, was behaving inappropriately. A squad arrived soon after and took her to the department and put her in a cell. the Altai Police Department” />

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Moscow rescuers have come out to help animals 620 times so far this year

Moscow rescuers have gone to help animals 620 times since the start of the year

Moscow rescuers have gone to help animals 620 times since the start of the year

Moscow rescuers have gone to help animals 620 times since the beginning of the year

“In total, since the beginning of the year, rescuers from Moscow went to help the animals 620 times,” the post reads.

The post reminded Muscovites not to let animals loose near bodies of water, as the ice is still very fragile and walking on it may cause an accident.

Moscow rescuers have gone to help animals 620 times since e beginning of the year

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