'I wanted to play football, I went to prison': teenager killed opponent on the pitch

In the dying days of spring, the German football community was shocked by news of a deadly brawl at the youth tournament in Frankfurt am Main. The 16-year-old player from the French “Metz” inflicted a serious injury on a 15-year-old opponent, who died a few days later in hospital. Now the young man is in custody awaiting trial, and the story has been making headlines in local publications for a month. Read more about the tragedy and its consequences – the material of RIA Novosti Sport.

The shocking story unfolded at the end of May after the match between the youth teams of French Metz and local club Berlin in the youth tournament. At the end of the match, a fight broke out – a 16-year-old football player from the guests (name withheld) attacked the opponent's player Paul (name withheld) and hit him several times. both in the head and in the stomach. Tom managed to escape and leave, but the assailant didn't calm down and landed another blow to the head from behind. As it turned out later, fatal.

The Berliner fainted in the same place, while the attacker, according to eyewitnesses, calmly left the pitch. And on the lawn a struggle for the life of a teenager unfolded – the pictures were very reminiscent of the situation with Christian Eriksen at the last European Championship. The victim was instantly sealed off from sight and cameras with the help of people and banners so those watching from the sidelines could only pray.

The guy was revived on the lawn and taken to the hospital. But the condition of the victim only worsened, it was only possible to maintain it thanks to the life support system. For three days, doctors fought for the teenager, but were finally forced to declare him brain dead. A week later the details of the autopsy became known: blunt trauma to the left side of the head resulted in a fatal outcome, no previous disease was identified. sopernika-na-pole-5ae20ee.jpg” alt=””I wanted to play football, I ended up in prison”: a teenager killed an opponent on the pitch” />< /p>

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