The police came to the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg

At the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg, the police came

Vasya Oblomov's concert in St. Petersburg was arrested by the police, the musician himself was arrested. reported on social networks. “. Petersburg, the police came to the club and stopped my concert”, – wrote the artist on Twitter.

He later clarified that “the concert was forbidden”, adding that the team managed to perform three songs.

Law enforcement has yet to comment on the incident.

According to “”, the reason for the ban is unknown, but according to the assumptions of the fans, it may be due to the restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Hours before the performance began, Oblomov warned fans that the concert would take place, however, due to circumstances beyond his control and the organizers, the event was moved from Vremya N club, located on Vasilievsky Island, at Aurora concert hall on Piro govskaya embankment.

Earlier, Sputnik radio announced that it would only be allowed to participate in competitions and concerts in St. Petersburg with a QR code.

The font is came to the concert of Vasya Oblomov in St. Petersburg


The fire did not disrupt the operation of heat and electricity installations in southwest Moscow

Fire did not interfere with the operation of heat and power plants in the southwest of Moscow

The operation of heat plants after the fire in southwest Moscow was not disrupted, the capital's municipal economic complex said on its Telegram channel.

Earlier, the Green Street gas substation fire was learned. The fire ignited two cars parked nearby. The RIA Novosti Department of Emergency Situations reported that the fire had been extinguished.

The town & # 39; s municipal economic complex states that the town & # 39; s facilities have not been disrupted.

“The city & # 39; s heat and electricity facilities were not disturbed. “, – said in the department.

In addition, on behalf of the mayor of Moscow, the work of the operational headquarters to eliminate the consequences of the fire was organized.

The fire n & Did not disrupt the operation of heat and electricity installations in the southwest of Moscow


“Escaped, killed, kidnapped”: a mother of two is wanted in Riazan for the third month

Volunteers recently resumed the search for 26 years – old Elena Logunova, who disappeared without a trace this summer. Her parents' lawyer convinces the investigation to question her husband as a suspect. He, in turn, is sure that nothing terrible has happened – his wife will be back soon. Details of the high-profile story can be found in RIA Novosti's article. The spouse remained with the children. In the evening his wife never returned home and he called the police. Security forces inspected the apartment, but found nothing suspicious.

“For several days they took no action”, explains Maxim Kalinov, Elena's mother's lawyer (she was found to be the injured party). “It was not until the fourth day that the dog handler arrived with the dog. And the questioning of neighbors, inspection of attics, basements and other investigative measures began a whole month after the disappearance. We have wasted precious time. »


Unidentified people snatched jewelry from Kirov temple icon

Unknown ripped them off jewelry from the temple icon in Kirov

An unknown man robbed the Feodorovskaya church in Kirov, damaging the icon case and robbing it the rings and chains brought by believers, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the Interior Ministry of the Kirov region.

“The crime took place on the night of October 10. After breaking the glass, the man entered the Feodorovskaya Church located on the green dike in Kirov. From there. Church, he stole gifts in the form of jewelry – chains and rings. The icon was in the icon case, he broke the glass to get the jewelry, “the service said agency press to agency.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the amount of damage is estimated at 120 thousand rubles. A criminal case was opened under article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (theft).

Strangers have ripped off the jewelry from the icon of the temple in Kirov


Injured in plane crash in Tatarstan in serious condition

One injured in plane crash in Tatarstan in serious condition

One of the victims of the plane crash in Tatarstan is in serious but stable condition, for five victims the prognosis is favorable, said Minister of Health of the Republic Marat Sadykov.

Sunday morning in the Menzelinsky region of Tatarstan, an L-410 light aircraft from the local flying club made a hard landing, on board there were 20 paratroopers and two members of the air force. crew. According to the updated data, six victims were rescued, all were hospitalized, 16 people died. A criminal case was opened under the article on violation of road safety rules and the operation of air transport, resulting in the death of two or more people through negligence. According to preliminary information, the crew reported a failure of the left engine before the crash.

A victim of plane crash in Tatarstan in serious condition


Participants in Moscow metro brawl accused of attempted murder

Participants in the brawl in the Moscow metro were charged with attempted murder


Magamaali Khanmagomedov, Ibrahim Musalaev and Hasan Zalibekov are being prosecuted.

The accused on the evening of October 4 in the subway train threatened the women who were present and used obscene language. Getting into the same car, 25-year-old Roman Kovalev berated them, after which the young man began to be beaten.

When he fell to the ground, Khanmagomedov and Musalaev kicked Kovalev in the head, and Zalibekov yelled that if anyone was trying to help, he would also be brutally beaten.

The passengers reported the fight to the driver, and at the next station, the attackers got off the train and tried to hide in the street. Soon they were arrested, as they threatened with a police stationery knife and sprinkled pepper spray.

As a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti, all three are previously convicted Dagestan natives. At the time of the attack they were drunk.

The victim was hospitalized with fractures of the bones of the face and nose, as well as bruises. He has undergone surgery, another is expected.

The court arrested the attackers.

Participants in the brawl in the Moscow metro were charged with attempted murder


In the suburbs talked about the condition of rescued animals in Noginsk

B Moscow region spoke about the condition of animals rescued in Noginsk

The condition of animals rescued from collapsed house in the city district of Noginsk in the Moscow region is deemed satisfactory, Moscow region agriculture minister Sergey Voskresensky told reporters.

As a result of the household gas explosion, which occurred on September 8, part of the nine-story building collapsed, seven people were killed and 15 others were injured. It was reported that pets were staying in the apartments of the house whose residents were evacuated.

“The rescued animals – two cats, a kitten, a dog and a parrot were examined by vets. Their condition is satisfactory. – said Voskresensky

In the suburb told about the state of the animals rescued in Noginsk


Kamchatka drug dealer convicted in Salekhard

A drug dealer from Kamchatka has sentenced to Salekhard

A resident of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, who brought a hundred gram package of drugs to Yamal, has been sentenced, writes IA” Sever-Press “.

The prosecutor's office said a 32-year-old man joined an organized group and started making money as a home mortgagee in May. Later he was called to Yamal to sell drugs. In June 2021, the mail flew to Salekhard, where he was required to leave little “bookmarks”. However, the man was identified and detained by police.

As a result, the court found him guilty and sentenced him to eight years in a strict regime settlement, Yamal-Media adds.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that in Yamal a minor mortgagee was convicted.

A drug dealer from Kamchatka has been sentenced to Salekhard