“I managed to name the killers.” Why the best investigators were sent to Perm

The investigation into the resounding murder of a schoolgirl in the Perm Territory has reached a new level level. Local residents managed to get the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee to take over. What secrets need to be revealed – in the material of RIA Novosti.

” It all happened during a quarrel”

Recently, 15-year-old Yana was buried in the Oktyabrsky workers' colony ( the names of the miners have been changed). She spent the last two weeks in intensive care, where she arrived on the morning of July 9 with an 80% skin burn.

The schoolgirl was found on the train tracks by an employee of the Chad station. an ambulance and the police. The girl was taken to the district hospital, and from there she was transported by helicopter to the burns department of the Grinberg Perm clinic. They wanted to deliver to Moscow, but the The patient's condition did not allow it. -pod-perm-a3d0152.jpg” alt=””I managed to name the killers.” Why were the best investigators sent near Perm” />

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