“It hasn't been seen here for a long time.” What do teenagers do near St. Petersburg

Blows, extortion, threats – this is is how, according to the inhabitants of In the village of Yanino, a company of schoolchildren behaves. Tired of this, people decided to act on their own. RIA Novosti looked into the situation.

T-shirt with the letter V

Video recordings made in the suburbs of the northern capital, urban-type colony of Yanino, widespread throughout the local audience. In the first video, more than ten teenagers in a skate park surround their peers and start beating them.

One of the attackers brandishes a knife and threatens to use it. Everything is accompanied by insults and ridicule. Later it turned out that the video was recorded by the hooligans themselves in the spring. -pod-peterburgom-257543f.jpg” alt=””It hasn't been seen here for a long time.” What teenagers do near St. Petersburg”/>

Beating a teenager

In the second video, filmed near a local fast food restaurant, adults ask a teenager why he threatened to shoot his comrades in the knees and brandished a gun. The gun lies nearby on the table. The young man boldly states: “First you prove that I did it.”

According to eyewitnesses, accompanied by his friends, he approached the student and asked him to return the T-shirt with the letter V. Having received a refusal, he took out a gun. fire. The thug was stopped by two passers-by. They also made a video recording and called the police.

The teenagers were arrested and taken to the juvenile department. A preventive conversation took place with the parents.

The publication of the videos caused a public outcry. Employees of the Investigative Committee opened criminal proceedings under the article hooliganism committed by a group of people and with an object similar to a firearm.

According to RIA Novosti, investigators have already identified the main defendants. All come from migrant families. According to the court's decision, the suspects are under house arrest. pod-peterburgom-eb5a78b.jpg” alt=””It hasn't been seen here for a long time”. What teenagers do near St. Petersburg” />

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