“They try to cover it up.” What is a crowd of teenagers in the Volga region


RIA Novosti, Viktor Zvantsev. A resident of Saratov Balakovo died after being severely beaten. Relatives and friends blame local schoolchildren. But the investigators are in no hurry to arrest: the case risks taking an unexpected turn.

A day in a coma

On the evening of July 6, 39-year-old Alexander Goryunov was returning from a friend. When he approached the entrance to the house in the third district of Balakovo, he was called out by a crowd of teenagers. Among them were young men and girls. A conversation ensued. Half an hour later, the whole company went to the parking lot.

“I still don't understand why Sasha followed them, and not home,” says Vladimir, an acquaintance from Alexander. “Maybe they hung it with the words “.

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