US Champion Survives Crash, Saves Four Children From Burning Plane

American champion survives crash and saves four children from burning plane

Thirty-three years ago , the US Flight 232 disaster at Su-Ville. The accident claimed the lives of 112 people. There would have been even more casualties had it not been for Michael Matz, a prominent American athlete who displayed true heroism in the first minutes after the disaster.

Michael Matz was involved in equestrian sports. He made a name for himself in show jumping, becoming the Pan American Games champion in 1975 and, three years later, winning individual and team bronze medals at the World Championships in Aachen. -Chapel, Germany. Subsequently, he won more than one Pan American Games and became the world champion in 1986. -katastrofe-i-spas-chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-ff274e5.jpg” alt=”The American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />

Michael Matz

< /p>July 19, 1989, Matz and his future wife returned from Hawaii, where he was a judge at the equestrian competition. Coincidentally, the couple missed their connecting flight from Denver to Philadelphia. Matz was offered tickets on one of the two other planes that flew to Philadelphia on the same day. “We took the wrong flight,” the passenger later noted. /uploads/2022/07/champion-iz-ssha-vyzhil-v-katastrofe-i-spas -chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-91d7cf4.jpg” alt=”American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />


Case “Network” *. Who is accused of one of the most publicized murders

The case of the

Employees of the Russian investigative commission ended the investigation of a double murder, which they believe was committed by a member of the terrorist organization “Network”* together with a friend. One is now behind bars, the other is on the run. Other members of the underground community have already been convicted under other articles.

Body in the forest

In April 2017, Ekaterina Levchenko, 19, and Artem Dorofeev, 21, disappeared in Penza. The young man's relatives were the first to call the police. Photos were displayed throughout the city and in local audiences. Officers and volunteers searched.

From time to time there were reports that a similar couple had been seen in different areas. Friends suggested that Artem and Katya could move. Why without warning is a mystery.

Delo "Networks*. Who is accused of one of the most notorious murders

Artem Dorofeev

A few months later, in November, near the village of Lopukhi, in the Ryazan region, mushroom pickers found the body of a man with gunshot and stab wounds. The deceased appeared to be 25-30 years old, there were no documents. For two years the body was listed as unidentified. It was not until the fall of 2019, using a DNA test, that experts established that it was the missing Dorofeev . At the same time, a criminal case was opened under the article “Murder”.

In 2020, the buried body of a girl was also found nearby. At that time, the name of one of the suspects was already known. Of course, on a completely different subject. -308a2d5.jpg” alt=”The Network Case*. Who is accused of one of the most publicized murders” />

Ekaterina Levchenko

Scouts, sappers and doctors

In October 2017, employees of the Penza traffic police stopped the car of a 20-year-old student from the local pedagogical university Yegor Zorin. Medicines in the pockets and in the cabin. And a lot.

The young man willingly cooperated with the investigation and, to speed up the term, he did a report on a terrorist community that had been operating for two years. The material was immediately handed over to the FSB.

According to Zorin, in the spring of 2015, 27-year-old gunnery instructor Dmitry Pchelintsev and 23-year-old physics student Ilya Shakursky gathered several acquaintances around them who loved airsoft, adhered to anti-fascist and anarchist views. The first cell was called “5.11” (the date of the execution of the Penza revolutionary Nikolai Pchelintsev, who was hanged in 1907). It included five people, including 25-year-old former sailor Maxim Ivankin. -iz-samyh-gromkih-ubijstv-a12c14b.jpg” alt=”The Network case*. Who is accused of one of the most notorious murders”


A Phone Call: How 112 Operators Save People

On call distance: how 112 service operators save people

This year Moscow's 112 system celebrates its anniversary. Emergency operators receive hundreds of calls daily from citizens in distress. RIA Novosti correspondent collected the stories of three system specialists who told what led them to such a difficult job, how they cope with stress and what unusual requests for help they have heard over the years .

 A call: how Service 112 operators save people

Svetlana Dubrovina, senior specialist in receiving and processing emergency calls to the 112 system in Moscow

In April 2022, Svetlana celebrated the first anniversary of her work in the 112 service – 5 years. She got into the business by accident. Her son dreamed of entering the college of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the process of collecting documents, Svetlana came across a vacancy as an operator by chance.“At that time I was unemployed, so I decided to apply for the vacant position, professional retraining. So I found a new profession, ”says Dubrovina.

Before calling, Svetlana underwent extensive training. As part of the training, Service 112 operators fully study the infrastructure of Moscow and the nearest regional cities. Radial highways, the Moscow ring road, the garden and boulevard rings with all the streets on the outer and inner sides, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, the embankments of the Moscow River and the Yauza – all this should steal the teeth of the experts and be firmly reminded.

“Once a week we had tests on all these subjects. If you don't pass the test, they give you an attempt to retake it. If you don't iron it, that means you don't have to do anything in the system I came in 2017 as part of a group of 16, I completed the recycling of only 5 of them, and now we're down to two of those staff. People who come to Service 112 just to earn money, as a rule, don't stay there long” , Dubrovina shares her memories.

One call: how 112 service operators save people


Rescuers will complete the removal of a fallen tree from a house in Moscow in the next few hours

Rescuers will complete the removal of a fallen tree on a house in Moscow in the next few hours

A fallen tree on the facade of a house in the Tverskoy district

< /p> Rescuers will complete work on removing a fallen tree from the facade of a house in the Tverskoy district of the tree in the coming hours, according to the Telegram channel of the Moscow Municipal Economic Complex.

< /p>“In the next few hours, rescuers will complete the work of removing a fallen tree from the facade of the building. a house in the Tverskoy district. This morning, high winds toppled a large tree on the facade of a building at the address: Maly Karetny lane, building 9, building 1. At this time, teams of the fire and rescue center of the a capital are sawing down a fallen tree,” the report says

It is reported that the work is complicated by the size of the tree – 10 meters high and about one meter in height. girth, and the cramped conditions of the yard. Involved telescopic lift “Spider”. It allows you to climb up to 28 meters in height and work in dense buildings. The work will be completed in the next few hours. The incident did not cause any casualties.

City services reminded that gusts of wind up to 17 meters per second are possible in Moscow today , and advised Muscovites to be extremely careful on the street.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/spasateli-zavershat-vyvoz-upavshego-na -dom-v-moskve-dereva-v-blizhajshie-chasy-5cea6f0.jpg" alt="Rescuers will complete the removal of the fallen treehouse in Moscow in the next few hours" />


More than 30% of monthly precipitation fell in some areas of Moscow in one hour

More than 30% of monthly precipitation fell in some areas of Moscow in one hour

More than 30% of monthly precipitation in some areas of Moscow fell in an hour, the greatest amount of precipitation was recorded in the center and adjacent areas of the Southern Autonomous Okrug, the Telegram channel of the Metropolitan Municipal Economic Complex reported. it says in the message. chas-98b3ffd.jpg” alt=”More than 30% of monthly precipitation fell in some areas of Moscow in one hour” />


“They know the risks”: why the legendary motorcycle race claims victims every year

They know the risks

Fast driving enthusiasts began racing on the Isle of Man in the early 20th century. After the British Parliament banned racing on the roads, the secretary of the Automobile Club of Great Britain, Sir Julian Ord, turned to the island's self-governing authorities and agreed to organize races on public roads, bypassing speed limits. The first race was held in 1907, and since 1911 drivers have competed on a course that largely replicates the modern course.

Over time the race has moved from championship to championship, but now the TT does not belong to either series and is run as an independent event. The race is held annually, having only been canceled during World Wars I and II, the 2001 UK foot-and-mouth outbreak and the coronavirus pandemic.

On a winding 60 kilometer track surrounded by apartment buildings, trees, telegraph poles and stone walls, riders compete in multiple classes. Athletes ride motorcycles of different configurations, and in the Sidecar class there are tandems of riders, where one of them drives the car, and the other is in the “sidecar “, moving in turn, creating a redistribution of mass for better passing distance. The runners go to the start in turn, not competing directly with each other, but trying to achieve the best time.

" They Know The Risks: Why The Legendary Motorcycle Race Claims Deaths Every Year

Isle of Man TT Race

The combination of steep descents, climbs and turns, breakneck speeds (on average, riders cover the distance at a speed of 200 km/h) and the track's unsuitability for professional racing make TT one of the most dangerous races in the world. . For a long time the deadliest year for pilots was 1970 when six participants died on the track, but in 2005 nine pilots crashed on the island at the same time. In the past 85 years, the TT has only been held once with no fatal outcome.

This year the race claimed the lives of five people. In the early days of the competition, 29-year-old Welshman Mark Purslow died during one of the training sessions. In the first sidecar race – those same motorcycles with a “sidecar” – the crew of Cesar Chanal and Olivier Lavorel had a terrible accident. The consequences were so terrible that the doctors could not identify the deceased the first time. For Chanal, the race was the last, while Lavorel was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The next to die was the most experienced pilot Davy Morgan, for whom this departure was already 80th on the island. On the last day of the TT, the two sidecar crew, Roger Stockton and his son Bradley, crashed. For the father, this race was the twentieth, and the son went to the track for the first time. motorcycle racing kills every year” />


More than 10 people were hospitalized in an accident with a tourist bus in Sochi

More than 10 people were hospitalized in an accident with a tourist bus in Sochi

More than 10 people were hospitalized in an accident involving a bus tourist in Sochi no serious injuries, RIA Novosti told the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory.

According to the prosecutor's office, in Sochi on Thursday there was an accident on the road to Krasnaya Polyana , a tourist bus and a truck collided there.

“Of 19 victims, 14 were evacuated to a hospital. There are no serious patients. All the victims are being registered,” the agency's interlocutor said.

She added that there were two pregnant women on the bus , they were also unharmed, refusing medical help. ins. popali-v-bolnicu-4b d5a23.jpg” alt=”More than 10 people were hospitalized in an accident with a tourist bus in Sochi” />


Flight to paradise: the circumstances of the terrible death of “Pakhtakor”

Soaring to the sky: circumstances terrible death "Pakhtakor"

“Before the Pakhtakor game, I stopped in Sochi to visit my wife and son. At one point, I been called on the phone. On the other end of the line I hear sobbing: the team crashed “.

From high hopes

So Tashkent coach Oleg Bazilevich learned the worst news in life.

August 11 is a fatal date for Pakhtakor. In 1956, the club was established with the support of the government of Uzbekistan SSR. Exactly twenty-three years later, the team with the future leaders of the USSR national team died due to the incompetence of air traffic controllers.

Shortly before the away match in Minsk, Pakhtakor managed to defeat the league leaders in the season: Shakhtar, Tbilisi and Dynamo Kyiv”. Bazilevich's team was in sixth place and a number many observers predicted that the club would be in the top three.The leaders of Pakhtakor – Mikhail An and Vladimir Fedorov – regularly played in the youth team and participated in training camps for the main team of the USSR.

"Guys gradually began to play as kyiv "Dynamo" in the glorious 1975, Bazilevich recalled years later. “It's not just about tactics. Everyone brought something different to this game model. The team thought they were doing everything right.

Flight to Heaven: The Circumstances of Pakhtakor's Terrible Death

Game Moment in the USSR Premier League game between Dynamo Moscow and Pakhtakor. On the right is the leader of the Tashkent team, Mikhail An.


“Misha, come with us!” – Convince Ana's teammates to exit the catwalk. – You won't play, but your presence in Minsk is important to us.

— Guys, you know, I'm afraid to fly. I feel uncomfortable. And it is necessary to treat the knee, – the midfielder hesitated.

— Well, please, – the players did not calm down. – You'll be flying for maps, we'll be there in no time.

A female voice in the waiting room announced: “Tashkent – Donetsk – Minsk flight is in the process of boarding, passengers are invited to go on the plane.”

— Okay, – An surrendered. – And where is Tolya Mogilny? Any janitors?

We missed “Pakhtakor” player and masseur earlier. As a result, the team left for the flight without them. ” alt = “Flight to paradise: the circumstances of the terrible death of Pakhtakor” />


Vorobyov tasked with restoring the house of Stupino, which suffered from a gas explosion

Vorobyev instructed to restore Stupino's house, which suffered from a gas explosion

Moscow region governor Andrey Vorobyov visited residents of Stupino's house , where a gas explosion occurred on April 11

Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyov visited the residents of the Stupino house, where a gas explosion occurred. #39;is produced on April 11, and also set the task of restoring the damaged house by the end of the year, the regional government press service reported.

“The task is to build a house by the end of the year so that you can move from a hotel to a more comfortable house. The restoration of a house is very important to us , we support each of these projects. We will try to do everything with the highest quality. And I came back here to say that you are not abandoned, we are attentive to you, “said the press service quoting the governor.

72 people, including 12 children, were accommodated at the hotel. They receive all the necessities and three meals a day, the government added.

“226 people lived in the house where the explosion occurred. Out of 6 entrances, 3 were damaged – a survey of the building showed that it was impossible to live in the apartments located here Now the builders are reinforcing the supporting structures, and the 3rd entrance will have to be rebuilt almost from new – from the foundation to the roof. house,” the press service clarified.

Earlier in April On the 11th, a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in Stupino near Moscow, Governor Andrei Vorobyov s' 39;returned to the scene. The residents were evacuated to the nearby Maison de la culture, then transferred to hotels, the other part of the residents were allowed to return to the apartments, which were not damaged. Six people were killed, five injured were sent to hospital. As RIA Novosti clarified to the regional Ministry of Health, those hospitalized have already been released.