Stupidity Ruined Genius: The Most Ridiculous Death in Olympic History

Awesome stupidity ruined: the most ridiculous death in the history of the Olympics

The editor of a Portuguese sports newspaper was driving from his home to his office by tram. Somewhere in the middle of the path, he put down the new number, looked out the window and saw a man running parallel. The editor thought the guy didn't have time and decided to catch up with the transport to the next stop. But the restless runner did not jump into the open doors, continuing on his way.

Lazaro was running to work ten kilometers from home

That day, the journalist observed Francisco Lazar's usual way of working. The Portuguese has just finished his studies and found a job as a carpenter in a local factory. Lazaru grew up in a poor family, which he tried to help financially from an early age. To save money and not spend money on tram trips, he walked to work every day. And Francisco lived ten kilometers from the factory.

Every day he went back and forth, which the editor of the magazine noticed. When he saw Lazar again, he himself ran to the bus stop and approached the runner. The journalist was shocked when he learned that Francisco had never run. He invited him to register for the marathon, which was to take place in Portugal in a few days. nelepaja-smert-v-istorii-olimpiady-ad2b51f.jpg” alt=”Stupidity ruined a genius: the most ridiculous death in the history of the Olympics” />


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