“He won't stop.” Perm Chikatilo breaks free

Serial killer Dmitry Tambasov, known as Perm Chikatilo, asked the court to replace the prison sentence with hard labor He was refused, but local residents still fear that he will be released this year Why their fears are not unfounded – in the material of RIA Novosti.

One ​​post for the show

On the evening of November 21, 2002, Tatyana Nikitenko went to the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, she was very fond of art, led a theater studio and decided to celebrate his 40th birthday with the premiere of the play.

“I didn't come home,” says his mother Galina. “A couple of days later , the police called me and asked me to come to the morgue It turned out that on November 22, in the city center, just behind the opera house, passers-by are fallen on the corpse of a f ems. It was Tanya./on-ne-ostanovitsja-permskij-chikatilo-rvetsja-na-svobodu-3174e2f.jpg” alt=””He won't stop.”

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