“He stabbed his daughter. The verdict of the repeat offender excited the whole Urals

In the Chelyabinsk region, 32-year-old Ramiz Asfandiyarov, who killed his two-year-old daughter, was found guilty. He claimed to have accidentally stabbed the child with a knife. Despite the testimony of a witness and aggravating circumstances, the sentence is rather mild: a year and a half in a penal colony. The victim's mother demands to reconsider this decision.

Drunken quarrel

In the afternoon of February 5, Ramiz Asfandiyarov, his companion Victoria Murygina and their neighbor Anna went to visit. The party dragged on. We returned to Troitsk at midnight. Near the house, the head of the family, quite drunk, began to accuse his concubine of treason.

The quarrel continued in the apartment, where the man punched Murygina several times in the face, grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her on the floor. The brutal beating was interrupted by a phone call. While Asfandiyarov was talking on his cell phone, Victoria dialed Anna's number, asked her to come urgently and also call the police.

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