“He's getting revenge.” What is the problem in the highly publicized case of the Afghan veteran

'He takes revenge.' What's wrong with the high-profile case of an Afghan veteran

In the region from Sverdlovsk, Firat Ardiev, 66, was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony for pedophilia. The lawyers point to many inconsistencies, and the residents defend the condemned. About the resonance process – in the material of RIA Novosti.

Long-standing conflict

In the afternoon of April 24 2022, Firat Ardiyev from the city of Alapaevsk celebrated Easter by visiting a friend. Towards evening, I went home.

“Our neighbors in a private house were also partying,” recalls Rifa, his wife. He stopped by neighbor Petr and said something. In response, he abruptly jumped up, gesticulating aggressively. But Firat just waved his hand and moved on.”

Firat Ardiev

Ardiev has been in conflict with Peter for a long time. This time the verbal skirmish escalated into a fight.

“I came out and saw five people – three men and two women – kicking my husband”, says Rifa “I tried to stop them, but I was punched three times in the face, I barely resisted and I shouted that I was going to call the police. Yes, and the conflict seemed settled. 896eaf8.jpg” alt=””He takes revenge”. What's wrong with the high profile case of an Afghan veteran” />

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