Five people injured in shooting on a child's birthday

Five people injured in shooting at a child's birthday

Five people, including three children, were injured in Toronto during the A shooting at a child's birthday party, Global News reported, citing authorities.

Among those injured are a one-year-old, an 11-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl. One minor is in a life-threatening condition, another child and an adult are in serious condition.

It is noted that there could be several suspects in the incident, after the shooting they managed to escape.

There are no further details of the incident yet.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported the detention in Germany of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, which resulted in the deaths of two people.

Five a man was injured in the shooting at a children's birthday party


The Yalta authorities noted the stabilization of the situation in the region after the floods

Authorities Yalta noted the stabilization of the situation in the region after the floods

The situation in the Yalta region, which suffered from the floods, has stabilized, only two areas remain problematic, said the head of the city administration Yanina Pavlenko.

& # 34; The situation in the village of Koreiz is associated with a huge flow of water that goes without stopping from the mountains. Private houses in the flooded area. The second situation is in Krivoshty/Vergasova Street, where the overflowing river heats apartment buildings & # 34;, – Pavlenko noted in a video post on his Facebook page.

The head of administration called on those in the flood zone to be evacuated.

According to her, quoted by RBC, for all the evacuees there are already places provided in the pension of Smena. All those in need will receive shelter and hot meals.

Yanina Pavlenko also added that a severe flood peak is already behind, that rainfall is not expected in the next few days and that “the big water” is already leaving the city .

A powerful cyclone hit the Crimean peninsula on Thursday, June 17, causing flooding in Kerch and several settlements in the eastern region.

In particular, due to the endemic elements in the city, as well as in the Leninsky and Kirovsky districts of the republic, problems with the supply of drinking water were observed, which were resolved on the evening of the same day.

The next day showers reached Yalta, where a state of emergency was declared.

The entrance to the city was temporarily closed, some houses remained without electricity. The authorities asked residents to stay in their homes and not to go out.

Due to heavy rains in Kerch and Yalta, the banks of the Dzharjava, Melek-Chesme and Vodopadnaya rivers overflowed.

Authorities in Yalta have informed that as a result of the flood 24 were injured, two others are missing. flood in Yalta.

The Yalta authorities noted the stabilization of the situation in the region after the floods


Media: fireworks warehouse caught fire in Luzhniki, central Moscow

media : pyrotechnic warehouse caught fire in Luzhniki in central Moscow

Eyewitnesses spoke of a fire and a series of fires explosions in Moscow in the territory of Luzhniki, REN TV reported on Saturday.

The network appeared from the scene images. They show how thick clouds of gray smoke rise above the building, fireworks are visible in the sky.

Details of the incident are being clarified.

According to the media, a pyrotechnic warehouse on the Luzhnetskaya embankment caught fire, multiple explosions are heard.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that an explosion had occurred on a gas pipeline in the center of Lugansk.

Media : a pyrotechnic warehouse caught fire in Luzhniki in central Moscow


“It was scary”. An eyewitness described the first minutes of the tragedy in Kuzbass


One of the witnesses to the crash of the L-410 plane in the Kemerovo region noted that the parachute bodies were strewn on the ground around the plane, over its eyes they appeared to have “fallen”. crashed, according to reports. preliminary data, one of the engines of the plane failed. According to the press service of the regional government, 19 people were present on board the liner on a training flight. Four people are died, 15 others were injured (four are in serious condition, 11 are of moderate severity).

& # 34; It was scary. The first thing we saw when we arrived was a destroyed plane . And the paratroopers are t scattered. It looks like they all fell out ' – stated in a comment & # 34; Channel Five & # 34; witness Nadezhda Puneva.

According to her, the victims were shocked and “walked as if they were not themselves”.

“One of them was moaning violently, it was clear he was in serious condition, maybe his spine was broken”, said a witness airplane crash eyepiece.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported why the plane crashed in Kuzbass.


In Yalta, assessment of the situation after the floods

The situation after the floods has been assessed in Yalta

The water left the flooded center of Yalta, now all forces are directed towards eliminating the consequences of the endemic disaster, reports RIA Novosti citing data from the Crimean Ministry of Internal Policy, Information and Communications. “In the center of Yalta, the water is gone. At the moment, all forces are directed to help the residents and eliminate the consequences of bad weather. The water is pumped, the roads and streets are cleared of stones, dirt and fallen trees, “noted the press service.

that the work involved workers from the city's municipal services, employees of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the ; National Road Safety Inspectorate, Ministry of the Interior. Doctors and volunteers are on an intensive diet.

A powerful cyclone brought heavy rains to the area, which on June 17 resulted in the flooding of more than 300 homes in the eastern peninsula. On Friday, the rains continue in Yalta and Kertch. A similar situation is developing in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Evpatoria. Previously, Aksenov introduced a regional emergency in Crimea; funds from the reserve fund will be allocated to eliminate the consequences.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the first death was recorded in Yalta due to endemic elements.

The situation after the floods has been rated at Yalta


Reckless young driver runs over father with child at crosswalk

Young reckless driver ran into father with child at crosswalk

In Kazan, a 20-year-old Kia passenger car driver crossing a crosswalk, said a man with a seven-year-old child, writes Tatar-inform in reference to the city's traffic police.

The injured pedestrians were hospitalized.

According to the Republic's Interior Ministry, the boy's father died from his injuries.

Further details of the crash are currently under investigation.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that two people were injured in an accident with trucks near Samara.

Young reckless driver ran over father with child at crosswalk


MP Reznik was detained in St. Petersburg

MP Reznik was detained in Saint- Petersburg

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Maksim Reznik was arrested in a drug case, reported the press service of the main directorate of the city of the Russian Commission of Inquiry.

Earlier today there was a report of a search of Reznik's apartment. The Board of Inquiry said the events took place in connection with the investigation of a criminal case under the article on attempted illicit production, sale or transfer of narcotics .

“As a result of investigative actions and operational research measures in collaboration with employees of the regional department of the Ministry of the Interior, it was established that Maxim Reznik, born in 1974, who is deputy of the sixth convocation of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, was involved in the commission of this crime, “the message reads.

It should be noted that the investigation gathered enough evidence to charge the legislature with a felony.

According to the ministry, by March 9 at the latest, the MP illegally acquired a narcotic substance weighing 18.2 grams from an unidentified person for his personal consumption. Reznik was arrested, the issue of choosing a preventive measure against him is pending, “the report says.

Earlier, the Nevsky District Court arrested him. Artist Ivan Dorofeev, accused of attempting to sell drugs. Internet videos show that during the search of the artist's apartment, Maxim Reznik was present.

The MP then explained that he was visiting his distant relative. After that, Reznik was questioned as a witness in the case.

Previously, the radio Sputnik had reported searches of the mayor of Vladivostok who had left office.

 MP Reznik was arrested in St. Petersburg


The Russians were given instructions on how not to get lost in the forest

The Russians were instructions given How not to get lost in the woods

Experts reminded forest walkers of the safety rules, according to IA” Sever-press “.

According to experts, it is necessary to go to the forest with light clothes, which in an emergency will allow you to notice the “traveler” from a distance. You should also bring a compass, matches, a knife, a small supply of water and food, as well as some medicine for those who take it regularly.

Before leaving, you must warn your loved ones and tell them about your route.

Picking mushrooms is best matched with another person by charging your cell phone and checking your account balance. It is also worth taking a whistle so that, if necessary, the lost person has the opportunity to give a signal. How Angels Helicopter Squad rescued people yesterday, 19:50

Before entering the forest, it is necessary to determine the landmark by which it will later be possible to return to back. When walking, be sure to watch out for unusual trees or clearings, which will help you navigate the terrain.

If a traveler gets lost in the forest, calm down and listen to the sounds: people's voices, passing cars, etc. “The best assistant for a person going to the forest is a cell phone. Even with a zero balance, you can call 112 from there, and the service operators will help guide the exit from the forest themselves or to send a search team to help, ”Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug & # 39; s Civil Protection and Fire Safety Department.

If your loved one gets lost, call rescuers immediately. Independent research can trample on the traces of the missing.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the woman got lost on her way to work and froze to death.

The Russians were given instructions not to not get lost in the forest


Two people injured in crash with trucks near Samara

Two people were injured in an accident with trucks near Samara

Two oncoming trucks collided on the highway in the Neftegorsk district of the Samara region. This was reported to Volga News by the press service of the regional main directorate of the Ministry of Interior of Russia.

Both drivers were hospitalized.

For the moment, the traffic police authorize the passage of vehicles on one lane.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that five people were injured in Volgograd after an accident with a minibus.

Two people were injured in an accident with trucks near Samara


He became known to the state of Russians affected by the shooting in Abkhazia

The condition of the Russians who were injured by the shooting in Abkhazia became known

The Russian Embassy in Abkhazia reported on the the state of two Russians who were injured in the shooting at the pension “Boxwood Grove” in the town of Pitsunda.

“At the moment, Russian citizens are being treated in Sochi, there is no threat to their life,” the embassy said.

Operational interaction of the consulate and the official representation of the Ministry of Interior of Russia in Abkhazia. “We are compelled to assert that this is not the first resounding case of an attack on Russian tourists in the republic”, the diplomatic mission added, urging the Abkhaz authorities to complete the actions as soon as possible and to strengthen the preventive work aimed at combating crime.

On the night of June 15 nya in the restaurant “Apsny” on the territory of the pension “Samshitovaya Roscha” in Abkhazia, there was a shooting. As a result of the incident, two Russian tourists were injured. The attacker turned out to be a 43-year-old resident of Lykhny village, Gudauta district, Dmitry Piliya. It is reported that he had previously been prosecuted for various offenses. The man was taken into custody.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported an accident with a Russian tourist car in Abkhazia.

It became known to the state of the Russians who suffered from the shooting in Abkhazia