Efremov's lawyers resumed arguments to mitigate the sanction

mitigation of the sentence

Lawyers for theater and film actor Mikhail Efremov insist on leniency towards the artist due to mental disorder, they have filed an appeal cassation against conviction for fatal road accident on the Garden Ring, REN TV reports.

The document, received from lawyers for artist Roman Filippov and Pyotr Kharkhorin, notes that the court did not fully take into account the extenuating circumstances. Lawyers point out that Efremov actively participated in public life, engaged in charitable work and compensated the damage to victims in the amount of 4.6 million rubles. The artist has repeatedly apologized to family members of the late courier Sergei Zakharov.

The complaint points out that the honored artist from Russia has developed a mental disorder. In addition, Efremov has long struggled with alcohol addiction.

The defense in the lawsuit also mentioned Efremov & # 39; s wife Sofya Kruglikova, who had been a sound engineer for many years and is no longer working. Thus, the artist has relatives who depend on him.

Filippov and Kharkhorin want to know if Zakharov was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.

Nothing is known about the time of the complaint.

On September 8 last year, the Moscow Presnensky Court found actor Mikhail Efremov guilty of a fatal traffic accident, he was sentenced to 8 years of general colony regime. On October 22, the Moscow City Court partially satisfied the appeal of the representatives of Efremov and reduced the sentence to 7 years and 6 months in prison. died the next day in hospital from his injuries. According to an examination carried out after the accident, Efremov was in a state of severe alcohol intoxication.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that the FSIN had denied information about Efremov's transfer to house arrest.

The lawyers of & # 39 ; Efremov took up arguments to mitigate the sentence

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“They beat in the crowd, one was arrested”: who will answer for the death of an employee of Lukoil

In Bashkiria, investigators are investigating the circumstances of the death of Vladislav Bulychev, 30, who was attacked by a mob with sticks and pieces of reinforcement. They beat me mercilessly and methodically – doctors diagnosed a severe head injury and heart contusion. RIA Novosti has discovered why only one suspect was behind bars after the mass brawl.

Night clash

On the evening of June 5, a cousin of the Perm Village of Kueda, Vladislav Bulychev brother Ilya and asked the & # 39; accompany to the village of Belyashevo, in neighboring Bashkortostan.

“Why – I didn't really explain. He just said a friend needed help,” a friend of the late Evgeny Galiakhmetov told RIA Novosti , who is a witness in the criminal case. Vlad and I got into the car, where besides Ilya there was his friend and a girl, after which the five went to Belyashevo. They certainly weren't going to fight with anyone, otherwise they would have put on sneakers, otherwise they would have stayed in slippers. “

 & quot; Mobbed, arrested a

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In Moscow region, adviser killed colleague during argument over who is better

In the Moscow region, a counselor killed a colleague because of an argument over who is the best

homework, a criminal case was opened on this made.

It is known that on June 22, in a children's camp in the Pushkin neighborhood, in one of the rooms, they found the body of a 20-year-old councilor with three shots knife in the chest. Suspected of a crime, a colleague of the victim was arrested, with whom she lived in the same room. It turned out that the crime had been committed during the conflict, while the suspect was drunk. The two girls followed a student practice in the camp.

“The investigator of the Pushkino City Investigations Department of the Main Investigation Directorate of the Russian Federation Investigative Commission in the Moscow region arrested a 23-year-old female leader of the a children's camp, suspected of having killed her colleague (part 1 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), “said Olga Vradiy, senior assistant to the head of the regional headquarters of the RF IC. RIA News.

According to her, now all the circumstances of the tragedy are being clarified. Forensic experts and investigators have already examined the scene, seized the linens and a knife. In addition, a forensic examination will be carried out. Soon the investigation will go to court with a petition to choose the suspected preventive measure.

The Moscow region prosecutor's office has also opened an investigation into the murder of a counselor at a Pushkin district children's health camp, said Natalya Grigorieva, head of the press service of the agency monitoring department. . She added that the inspection was entrusted to the Pushkin City Prosecutor's Office.

A source of RIA Novosti in the police said that at night in the children's recreation camp “Forest Lord” in the village of Dobroe in the Moscow region, two councilors were drinking. Later, they began to determine who was the best advisor. Then one of them stabbed the other with a knife. The victim managed to escape down the hall, but could not be saved.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that a resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region had been arrested for the murder of an American woman.

In Moscow region, an adviser killed a colleague over a dispute over who is the best

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Kazan schoolchildren were sent to hospital after ball rehearsal

The schoolchildren of Kazan were sent to the ball rehearsal hospital

In Kazan, four schoolchildren felt bad during the ball rehearsal and were taken to the ball rehearsal hospital, reports the Business-Online portal. peace of the Republican Clinical Hospital for Children, – editor's note), diagnostic measures are currently underway, ”said the press service of the regional health ministry.

Three boys and a girl complained about poor health during a rehearsal at the Children's Creativity Center in the Vakhitovsky District, after which the teachers called a ambulance.

Among the possible causes mentioned in the message is heat stroke. The final opinion must be given by the doctors.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the children's ombudsperson offered to return the mediation service to schools in Moscow.

The schoolchildren of Kazan were sent to hospital after ball rehearsal

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Bad weather in the United States killed 10 Americans on the road

Bad weather in the United States resulted in the deaths of 10 Americans on the road

In the US state of Alabama, nine children and one adult died as a result of an accident that could have been caused by bad weather, reports RIA Novosti with reference to CNN information.

The exact causes of the tragedy have yet to be reported, but journalists speculate that a cyclone that hit the area could have resulted in an accident.

In the Southeastern United States, there is currently a tropical depression “Claudette”, which is expected to turn into a storm by Monday.

The tragedy is not the first such incident in the region, the agency adds, citing data from the Tuscaloosa News.

The post previously wrote about another bad weather incident, where a 24-year-old man and his three-year-old son were killed as a result of a fall from a car. 39; tree.

Last winter Sputnik Radio reported that, given the weather anomalies, authorities in Texas have placed a moratorium on unpaid electricity bills.

Bad weather in the USA killed 10 Americans on the road

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Yalta updated data on flood victims

data on flood victims

The number of flood victims in Yalta rose to 43 people, 6 were hospitalized, reports RIA Novosti citing the press service of the Crimean government.

Previously, local authorities had reported about 40 victims of the disaster, one dead and two missing. “43 people sought medical help, six of them – hospital care,” the report says. unvaccinated and elections in Armenia09: 04

A powerful cyclone hit the Crimean peninsula on Thursday, June 17, causing flooding in Kerch and a number of settlements in the region. # 39; is the region.

In particular, due to the endemic elements in the city, as well as in the Leninsky and Kirovsky districts of the republic, there were problems with the water supply potable, which were resolved on the evening of the same day.

The next day the showers reached Yalta, where they declared a state of emergency.

The entrance to the town was temporarily closed, some houses were left without electricity. The authorities asked residents to stay in their homes and not to go out.

Due to heavy rains in Kerch and Yalta, they overflowed the Dzharjava, Melek-Chesme and Vodopadnaya rivers.

On Sunday afternoon, Sputnik radio reported that the Black Sea swimming ban had been extended in Yalta.

The data on flood victims have been updated in Yalta

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Several tanks set on fire in a road accident in Poland

Several tanks set on fire as a result of a road accident in Poland

Several tanks set on fire in Poland as a result of an accident with two trucks carrying equipment of the army, the newspaper “Vzglyad” reported with reference to the Polish portal Wszczecinie.

The incident took place on the A6 motorway near the town of Szczecin. It should be noted that at the scene of the events, pops similar to explosions were heard, the arriving police blocked the passage for transport. Five firefighters also arrived at the crash scene.

It should be noted that there is no data on casualties yet, there is no information on the exact number of material destroyed or extent of the damage he suffered. received.

Earlier, Sputnik Radio reported that Russia has created a unique vehicle to put out fires at airports.

Several tanks set on fire following a road accident in Poland

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Nizhny Novgorod region resident arrested for murder of American woman

An inhabitant of Nizhny La Novgorod region was arrested for the murder of an American

A resident of the Nizhny Novgorod region was arrested for two months after the murder of an American student Catherine Sirow, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the common press service of the common law courts of the region.

The “Volunteer NN” rescue squad last Thursday published a post in their group on the social network with direction and a request for help in locating missing US citizen Catherine Sirow.

It was noted that she left the house on Gorky Street in the town of Bor on June 15 and did not return. According to the coordinator of the detachment, Sergei Shukhrin, the girl made contact for the last time at 6:20 p.m. She wrote to her relatives that she was driving with a stranger and that she was worried about it.

On Saturday June 20, the girl was found dead. “The Gorodets municipal court has chosen a preventive measure in the form of detention until August 15,” said the agency's interlocutor.

The man has been charged with murder.

The Investigative Commission of the Russian Federation has opened a criminal case on the grounds of a felony under Part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Murder”.

Earlier, Sputnik radio spoke of instructions to the Russians not to get lost in the forest.

An inhabitant of Nizhny La Novgorod region was arrested for the murder of an American

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The flood is not just in Crimea. Heavy downpours flooded Krasnoyarsk

Flood not only in Crimea. Heavy rains flooded Krasnoyarsk

Heavy rains flooded the streets of Krasnoyarsk, the rain with a thunderstorm started around 7:00 p.m. local time (3:00 p.m. local time). Moscow) and has not yet ceased, reports the TV channel “360” with reference to the posting of the account “accident/emergency Krasnoyarsk” on Instagram.

It is worth noting that many streets are flooded, because in most areas the storm sewers cannot withstand the water flows.

Mud left the mountain on Bryanskaya Street in the area of ​​the traffic police department. As a result, the mudslide blocked almost the entire roadway.

In addition, the building of the Opera and Ballet Theater was damaged, where water started to flow from the ceiling and flooded the entire foyer.

Some areas of the city are currently completely off.

Flood not only in Crimea. Heavy rains flooded Krasnoyarsk

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Shooting rages at a polling station in Armenia

At the polling station of Gunshots rang out in Armenia

Conflict between representatives of two Armenian parties running for election in one of the polling stations led to gunfire, reports RIA Novosti citing a police report.

“A shooting took place at the 11/11 polling station in the village of Azatashen in the Ararat region. A police task force arrived. it turned out that there was a quarrel between representatives of the Prosperous Armenia Party and Verelk in front of the polling station, during which a gas pistol shot was fired, “the statement read.

According to the security forces, the weapon was seized, and an investigation is underway into the incident.

Sunday morning, early parliamentary elections began in Armenia Voting will end at 7:00 p.m. Moscow time 2,583,823 people are on the electoral roll.

21 parties and four blocs will participate in parliamentary elections – Armenia, I have it & # 39; Honor, Free Homeland and Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democratic Bloc.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that four candidates for MPs in Armenia can be prosecuted.

At the polling station in Armenia was shooting there

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