“Can avoid jail time.” The murder of Soviet schoolgirls came to light after 34 years

Two mutilated corpses and not a single clue – for more than 30 years , capital investigators could not solve the murder of two Estonian schoolgirls. However, they recently managed to find a suspect. About the resumption of the highly publicized affair – in the material of RIA Novosti, Eda Eikla and Krista Sarap went on vacation to Moscow. The girls loved to draw, they wanted to visit an exhibition of French painting at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

On the evening of March 28, the friends boarded the train, and by morning they were in the capital. Leaving things in the apartment with Eda's loved ones, we went to the center. As investigators later discovered, the schoolgirls visited the Central House of Artists and the Pushkin Museum. Then we walked along Tverskaya. An Estonian journalist saw them there.

Eda Aikle and Krista Sarap

“We were looking for a place to shoot, and I overheard a conversation in their native language among the crowd,” he recalled. we. I asked if they were from Estonia. We talked a bit. They looked cheerful and happy. And they did not return home. The family immediately contacted the police The next day, on the territory of “Elk Island”, passers-by found two corpses with their hands tied behind their backs – they were Estonian schoolgirls.

A medical examination legal revealed that they were raped and strangled Edu with a rope, Kristu with a belt A criminal case was opened under Article 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR “Deliberate killing in aggravating circumstances”. shkolnic-raskryli-cherez-34-goda-96f71d1.jpg” alt=””Can avoid prison”. The murder of Soviet schoolgirls came to light after 34 years” />

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