“We were beaten by the traffic police.” Siberian family faces jail after arguing with neighbors

 “We were beaten by the traffic police. Guests in uniform

On August 14, the Zinovievs celebrated their eldest daughter & # 39; s birthday at their dacha in the Avtomobilist partnership near Usolye-Sibirskiy … At midnight, the guests had dispersed and the hosts were getting ready for bed.

At half past twelve two traffic police officers suddenly came to the house and said the neighbors complained about the loud music. They demanded that Larisa undergo a physical for blood alcohol level. She refused, and was forcibly dragged to the company car.

“We are at home, we do not violate public order. The guests have been gone for a long time, and there was no music!” Igor is indignant. “I was on the second floor. Suddenly I hear screams, noise. I go down – the traffic cops drag my wife to the gate. I don't understand anything. Ground and handcuffed. < img class = "aligncenter" src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/nas-izbili-gaishniki-seme-sibirjakov-grozit-tjurma-posle-ssory-s-sosedjami-50b36d2.jpg" alt = "" We were beaten by the traffic police. ”In the village, the family is characterized only positively: non-confrontational and polite. Neighbor Natalia A., an occasional witness to this scene, asked why the spouses were being treated so brutally. The inspectors ignored her. She tried to intervene, but was hit in the head. Hours later she felt bad - she called an ambulance.

“While they were twisting us around, two more traffic police cars pulled up,” Igor recalls. The Zinovievs were taken to the emergency room, then to the examination and to the regional police department. They only let me go home in the morning.

“I work as an operator in a petrochemical company. Larisa is a nurse in an oncology clinic. For more than twenty years she headed the service at the post office, left after a stroke cerebral. Now she is covered in bruises and bruises, barely lifts her right hand. I have a bruise on my chest, I'm going to physiotherapy. “, – Zinoviev sighs.

 “We were beaten up by the traffic cops.” According to the spouses, their neighbor Antonina (name was changed) complained about the noise, who had repeatedly bragged about it being have knowledge of the police. <H3 id = Five years in prison

After gaining the support of human rights activist Pavel Glushchenko, on August 16, the Zinovievs approached the city's investigative service, claiming that the inspectors had exceeded their official powers. “This whole situation raises many questions. We do not know why the traffic police come to file a complaint with the police? And three other teams, ”wonders Glushchenko.

Two inspectors and an investigator, who were at the scene that night, filed a request for response for “use of violence and insulting the authorities”. If the Zinovievs are found guilty, they face up to five years in prison.

Police explained to Pavel: The traffic cops left on the scene as they were not far from the garden association. The Board of Inquiry, in turn, clarified: the investigator arrived “on causing bodily harm to summer visitors”. “Now everything is reversed – the traffic police officers would have suffered”, the interlocutor raises his hands. “They want to make Larisa and Igor extreme. Independent experts are needed here.” No answer. The regional branch of the Board of Inquiry has confirmed that a pre-investigation check is underway.

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