US Champion Survives Crash, Saves Four Children From Burning Plane

American champion survives crash and saves four children from burning plane

Thirty-three years ago , the US Flight 232 disaster at Su-Ville. The accident claimed the lives of 112 people. There would have been even more casualties had it not been for Michael Matz, a prominent American athlete who displayed true heroism in the first minutes after the disaster.

Michael Matz was involved in equestrian sports. He made a name for himself in show jumping, becoming the Pan American Games champion in 1975 and, three years later, winning individual and team bronze medals at the World Championships in Aachen. -Chapel, Germany. Subsequently, he won more than one Pan American Games and became the world champion in 1986. -katastrofe-i-spas-chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-ff274e5.jpg” alt=”The American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />

Michael Matz

< /p>July 19, 1989, Matz and his future wife returned from Hawaii, where he was a judge at the equestrian competition. Coincidentally, the couple missed their connecting flight from Denver to Philadelphia. Matz was offered tickets on one of the two other planes that flew to Philadelphia on the same day. “We took the wrong flight,” the passenger later noted. /uploads/2022/07/champion-iz-ssha-vyzhil-v-katastrofe-i-spas -chetyreh-detej-iz-gorjashhego-samoleta-91d7cf4.jpg” alt=”American champion survived crash and saved four children from burning plane” />


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