“They beat in the crowd, one was arrested”: who will answer for the death of an employee of Lukoil

In Bashkiria, investigators are investigating the circumstances of the death of Vladislav Bulychev, 30, who was attacked by a mob with sticks and pieces of reinforcement. They beat me mercilessly and methodically – doctors diagnosed a severe head injury and heart contusion. RIA Novosti has discovered why only one suspect was behind bars after the mass brawl.

Night clash

On the evening of June 5, a cousin of the Perm Village of Kueda, Vladislav Bulychev brother Ilya and asked the & # 39; accompany to the village of Belyashevo, in neighboring Bashkortostan.

“Why – I didn't really explain. He just said a friend needed help,” a friend of the late Evgeny Galiakhmetov told RIA Novosti , who is a witness in the criminal case. Vlad and I got into the car, where besides Ilya there was his friend and a girl, after which the five went to Belyashevo. They certainly weren't going to fight with anyone, otherwise they would have put on sneakers, otherwise they would have stayed in slippers. “

 & quot; Mobbed, arrested a

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