Dumped the entire clip of his wife. How a Good NFL Boy Became a Monster

Dumped an entire clip about his wife. How a good NFL boy became a freak

Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher hugged his daughter before he left my house and went to the club base. An NFL player's usual morning routine before practice, if not for one “but”. Minutes before, Jovan had shot his wife.

The tragedy of ten years ago shook all of Kansas. Belcher was a crowd favorite. He helped the locals a lot, participated in charity events and visited orphanages. Jovan had an ideal reputation, so what happened was not in people's minds.

After the murder of his common-law wife Casandra Perkins, he went to the base of the club. There, Belcher committed suicide in front of everyone. In just an hour, the footballer orphaned his three-month-old daughter, Zoya, who has since been cared for by her grandparents.

Perfect reputation

< /p>Jovan has been involved in sports since early childhood, immediately showing great results. In addition to American football, he wrestled and won medals in All-American competitions for his age. But Belcher decided to stop at the ball game. Sport did not supplant the young student's thirst for knowledge.

Belcher graduated from high school with honors and already in college he received the Academic Impulse award. He was the most active guy in the class who had time to study and he was a great football player. And don't forget the endless extracurricular activities. The perfect elder. No one doubted that a bright future awaited the young player. -iz-nfl-stal-monstrom-9f194b9.jpg” alt=”Dumped the whole clip on his wife. How a Good NFL Boy Became a Monster” />< /p>

Jovan's dream came true in 2009 when he signed with the Chiefs. The footballer instantly became his own within the club. In his spare time, he visited a volunteer center and helped people in need. Soon, Belcher became a spokesperson for the local organization Male Athletes Against Violence. As time has shown, Jovan is not the best member of this militant movement.

A year into his NFL career, Belcher met Kasandra. Friendship quickly turned into love. The couple never officially signed, but in all interviews Jovan called her his wife. In 2012, they had a daughter named Zoe.

Nine Bullets

During the night, the Kansas police received a call from one of the residents of the central region of Missouri. She complained about a suspicious man in a car that was parked in front of her high-rise building. Law enforcement officers decided to play it safe and went to check everything.

It turned out that Jovan was snoring peacefully in a parked Bentley. The footballer said that a few hours ago he met a girl at the club and wanted to continue the communication. But soon she returned home, and the player did not leave the number. Belcher managed to find out where she lives and decided to wait for a new girlfriend. The police asked him to go home.

Why did Jovan even meet another girl at the club? After the drama, the footballer's mother Cheryl confided that her son and his wife had recently had a falling out. The player suspected Kasandra of betrayal and doubted that he was Zoe's biological father. The couple often settled the relationship, which affected their mood. He decided to go to the club to relax and get revenge on his wife.

After an unsuccessful treason attempt, he followed police advice and returned home in the morning. Jovan went to his safe, pulled out one of the guns. Belcher loved guns, and he had a whole warehouse of pistols and rifles in his house. He received everything officially, even the necessary papers to store such an arsenal were present. No one thought that this hobby would lead to such horrible consequences. After all, such a hobby is a common thing for Americans.

Dumped an entire clip about his wife. How a nice NFL boy became a monster

Gun in hand, Jovan headed for the bathroom, where Kasandra, who had just woken up, was brushing her teeth. The footballer shot him nine times. The girl had no chance. Little Zoe immediately woke up from the roar and started crying, and the player's mother ran into the room, who came to help the young family cope with the baby. Cheryl saw the blood and immediately rushed to call 911.

Belcher calmly kissed his daughter goodbye, returned to the car, and drove to base. Already there, he meets the general manager and one of the Kansas coaches. Jovan said to one, “Scott, I just killed my wife! I killed Kasandra! Promise me you'll take care of my daughter”.

After these words, the footballer knelt down, signed himself and killed himself with the same gun that shot his wife. The police who arrived at the scene could do nothing more, finding the corpse of Belcher and the owner of the Bentley smeared with blood. Jovan, whom everyone knew, simply couldn't commit such an atrocity. Is a person who lectures to school children and does charity work capable of such a thing? Yes. American football is to blame for causing the rare Belcher's disease.

The player's mother insisted on an autopsy of her son's brain to find the causes of the tragedy. It turned out that Jovan suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Simply put, the player's brain has been badly damaged. The illness is caused by frequent concussions suffered by Belcher during games.

CTE causes conduct disorder, which can lead to outbursts of uncontrollable anger, paranoia and depression. The dream of making it to the NFL became Belcher's curse that led to his death. Baby Zoya remained in the care of her grandparents, as well as the state. She is paid nearly $50,000 each year for her upkeep.

After the study results were announced, Cheryl sued Kansas City. She believed the club might know about Jovan's problems but continued to exploit him for their own ends. The games only made things worse, exposing Belcher's brain to more and more damage. It was not possible to reach his mother as a player. The court found the club not guilty.

The tragedy sparked outrage in the United States due to insufficient NFL player reviews. Belcher wasn't the only killer in the league to suffer from CTE. But even the murder of an innocent girl could not lead to serious changes in health control. Who knows how many other would-be assassins are lurking in the NFL? -iz-nfl-stal-monstrom-e2c631a.jpg” alt=”Dumped the whole clip on his wife. How a Good NFL Boy Became a Monster”/>

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