“Coma first, then death”: what the old militia didn't share with the disabled

& quot; Coma first, then & mdash; death

Investigators softened the qualification of the article to Vyacheslav Gritsyuk, 27, after a fight with which a disabled person from the first group Andrei Zanyatnov died in Podolsk. Now, instead of 15 years in prison, the accused faces four months. Zanyatnov's daughter categorically disagrees with this and intends to seek the most severe punishment. RIA Novosti investigated the circumstances of the tragedy.

Battle at the store

It happened in the village of Bykovo in May, when 56-year-old Andrei Zanyatnov asked his neighbor Vladimir Gutman to go grocery shopping and gave him a thousand rubles. After waiting several hours, he went to get it. I found myself near the store – along with several other people.

“According to eyewitnesses, Vova's drunkard told my dad he lost the money and promised to return the money the next day,” Zanyatnova's daughter returns, Ekaterina, with a fist on her head. and never got up, but no one called for an ambulance. They didn't even provide first aid even though, as it turned out later, there were medics in the business. “

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The fight was filmed by outdoor surveillance cameras – the footage shows how Andrei falls and remains still. People around, as if nothing had happened, continue to vigorously discuss something.

Then Zanyatnov was dragged around the corner of the house and leaned against the wall. There he was found by his common-law partner. I called an ambulance. Doctors diagnosed an injury to the spinal cord, as well as a fracture of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.

Two operations with implantation of metal plates in the neck did not help – on May 10, Zanyatnov died in intensive care without regaining consciousness.

“Go forward”

The forensic examination established a direct causal link between the death and the nature of the injuries, concluding that they were inflicted “with the fist or the feet”. A criminal case has been opened under the article “Intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in negligent death of victim.” Where he was going to hide. However, Vyacheslav's lawyer denies this.

“My client didn't go anywhere and the next day he came to the police,” Vladimir Platov said. “And after Zanyatnov's death, the investigator called Gritsyuk and asked to testify that he did. Even in the temporary detention center, they carried him without handcuffs . “

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