A Phone Call: How 112 Operators Save People

On call distance: how 112 service operators save people

This year Moscow's 112 system celebrates its anniversary. Emergency operators receive hundreds of calls daily from citizens in distress. RIA Novosti correspondent collected the stories of three system specialists who told what led them to such a difficult job, how they cope with stress and what unusual requests for help they have heard over the years .

 A call: how Service 112 operators save people

Svetlana Dubrovina, senior specialist in receiving and processing emergency calls to the 112 system in Moscow

In April 2022, Svetlana celebrated the first anniversary of her work in the 112 service – 5 years. She got into the business by accident. Her son dreamed of entering the college of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the process of collecting documents, Svetlana came across a vacancy as an operator by chance.“At that time I was unemployed, so I decided to apply for the vacant position, professional retraining. So I found a new profession, ”says Dubrovina.

Before calling, Svetlana underwent extensive training. As part of the training, Service 112 operators fully study the infrastructure of Moscow and the nearest regional cities. Radial highways, the Moscow ring road, the garden and boulevard rings with all the streets on the outer and inner sides, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, the embankments of the Moscow River and the Yauza – all this should steal the teeth of the experts and be firmly reminded.

“Once a week we had tests on all these subjects. If you don't pass the test, they give you an attempt to retake it. If you don't iron it, that means you don't have to do anything in the system I came in 2017 as part of a group of 16, I completed the recycling of only 5 of them, and now we're down to two of those staff. People who come to Service 112 just to earn money, as a rule, don't stay there long” , Dubrovina shares her memories.

One call: how 112 service operators save people

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