A prominent lawyer under house arrest for fraud

Well-known lawyer under house arrest in fraud case

Lawyer Timur Marshani has been detained in Moscow in large-scale fraud case, he will be under house arrest until August 31, RIA News reports. “Regarding Marshani Timur Zakharovich, a measure of restraint was chosen in the form of house arrest for a period of 1 month and 17 days, that is until August 31, 2021”, said Oksana Babalyan , press secretary of the Kuntsevo court. .

According to media reports, Marshani agreed with the client to a reward of 20 million rubles for the successful outcome of the case on the collection of his debt. But the lawyer did not fulfill his obligations.

Timur Marshani rose to fame after participating in the case of Kaliningrad doctors accused of killing a premature newborn baby, as well as the case of a disabled person from Anapa, who lost 880,000 rubles invested in a business and filed a lawsuit against Nikolai Baskov and Olga Buzova.

Last fall Sputnik radio reported that Elman Pashayev, who represented the interests of actor Mikhail Efremov in the event of a road accident deadly in Moscow, was deprived of his legal status.

Prominent lawyer is under house arrest for fraud

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