Return from the fortress. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years

The return of the Fortochnik. Who scared the people of Omsk for ten years

He left no witnesses or fingerprints – a 63-year-old suspect in a series of rape bombings was detained in Omsk. According to the UK, he tracked down the girls and entered their apartment through the window at night. The maniac was wanted for 12 years. About how he was found – in RIA Novosti material.

The Night Guest

At the end of April 2010, the police department No. 6 of the Oktyabrsky district in Omsk received two similar requests. At night, on Kosmichesky Prospekt, an unknown person entered the apartment on the first floor. He raped the mistress, took the money and escaped through the window. The same thing happened in a nearby house a few minutes later.

According to the victims, a short, stocky man constantly shined a flashlight in his eyes, he was not therefore not possible to distinguish his face. I only remember gray hair. The agents checked all the bases, questioned the inhabitants of the district, but no one aroused suspicion.

A month later, another attack took place in the Sovetsky district. This time the woman gave a serious rebuff and the criminal retreated. Thanks to his testimony, a sketch was made. Guidelines for a 40-50 year old man have been sent to all regional departments of the Ministry of Interior and patrols have been intensified in the streets. “The return of the Fortochnik. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years” />

Aiming at the maniac of the ICR investigation committee in the ICR region 39;Omsk

In September, Fortochnik, as the locals called him, went on the hunt again: within days he raped two girls in the Soviet quarter and a suburb of Omsk.

< /p>” At that time, the whole city was talking only about a maniac”, recalls a resident Elena Ivanova (at her request, the name was changed ). “Several cases occurred in the village of Chkalovsk on the outskirts of the city. My close friend lived in an apartment on the ground floor. She was afraid to open the windows at night. Many people put bars.”

But in several apartments the windows were intentionally not closed – a police ambush awaited the maniac there. Popular squads patrolled the streets at night. Dozens of men were brought to regional services, their data recorded and their alibis checked. However, the attacks continued. jpg” alt=”Return of the Fortochnik. Who kept the people of Omsk in fear for ten years” />


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