“Escaped, killed, kidnapped”: a mother of two is wanted in Riazan for the third month

Volunteers recently resumed the search for 26 years – old Elena Logunova, who disappeared without a trace this summer. Her parents' lawyer convinces the investigation to question her husband as a suspect. He, in turn, is sure that nothing terrible has happened – his wife will be back soon. Details of the high-profile story can be found in RIA Novosti's article. The spouse remained with the children. In the evening his wife never returned home and he called the police. Security forces inspected the apartment, but found nothing suspicious.

“For several days they took no action”, explains Maxim Kalinov, Elena's mother's lawyer (she was found to be the injured party). “It was not until the fourth day that the dog handler arrived with the dog. And the questioning of neighbors, inspection of attics, basements and other investigative measures began a whole month after the disappearance. We have wasted precious time. »

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