“Blood was everywhere.” Police are at an impasse in the search for a missing housewife

Mysterious detective books, stains blood on the walls and no witnesses – the best American detectives for already half a century enigma on the mysterious disappearance of Joan Rish, 31 years, a mother of two children of Boston. The versions are different: kidnapping, murder, sudden madness or escape. The most likely are in RIA Novosti material.

She left and did not return

On the morning of October 24, 1961, Martin, Joan's husband, went on a business trip to New York for a few days. His wife left her youngest son David with neighbors and took her daughter Lillian to the dentist.

Although there was no one home, as usual they brought milk and mail. Later, during questioning, the milkman and postman said they hadn't noticed anything suspicious at the door. hit a dead end in search of missing housewife” />

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