A burglary prevention action takes place in the suburbs

Prevention campaign burglaries are taking place in the Moscow region

The annual campaign “Safe House, Entrance, Apartment” will be held in the Moscow region until April 15, the press service of the Main Directorate of Regional Security of the Moscow region said in a statement. .

As part of the action, the National Guard is notifying residents of apartment buildings, the private sector, as well as owners of organizations and organizations; companies of the measures to take to prevent burglaries. More than 400 detention groups use the patrol routes every day. They provide security for 70,000 objects, 50,000 of which are apartments and front doors to an apartment or cottage – the more complex the key, the better the lock,” says the message. Also, it is recommended to collect all mail before leaving, as the pile of correspondence in the mailbox tells criminals that the owners have been away for a long time. .jpg” alt=”An action against burglaries takes place in the suburbs” />

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